Culinary Foraging Course

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5-part online learning program for everyone interested in deepening their knowledge and skills on wild herbs and edible plants. Learn Why, How, and When to forage, and improve your nature connection, cooking skills, and nutrition.

Welcome to nature’s free supermarket, where wild edible plants are all around us. Many of these free culinary herbs are classified as notorious weeds but a closer look at these vigorous plants proves that they are some of the most nutritious plants on the planet.

Chef Sami Tallberg, the wild herb maestro behind this course, has been walking the talk for 15+ years of foraging and 20+ years of cooking in top restaurants, executing wild food events in 20 countries around the globe (including the Upgraded Dinner series). He is one of the most well-known Nordic foragers, wild cookbook authors, and awarded chefs that will take you on the wild side. Enjoy the ride — the ride that will change the rest of Your life.

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