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Trying out the cryotherapy chamber at Biohacker’s Health and Fitness in Weston, FL.


Is Lithium an Essential Mineral?

Lithium is often used for psychiatric purposes in higher dosages for problems such as bi-poloar disorder as well as mania. It has long been debated whether or not its essential for human life. Lithium is very similar in nature to Sodium, with the same number electrons in the outer shell but the molecule is a bit smaller. It has been theorized that in the past when we drank mineral rich water, we would always get a little bit of lithium when drinking mineral water and would help with our overall mental health.

Jaw Pain Remedies: A Simple Trick to Stop Jaw Pain When Chewing

If you have jaw pain when chewing or any other time, you are not alone. People often resort to seeking jaw pain remedies by visiting the doctor. While there is nothing wrong with that, there is one natural remedy for jaw pain you should try first.

Three Mistakes You’re Making About Your Energy Field

You not only have a physical body, you also have an energy body. This energy body is made up of many structures just as is your physical body. The smallest structures of your energy body are known as Encodements.

Flexible World of Treatment Facilities That Effectively Cure Substance Abuse

Is there really a reliable treatment facility out there? Or are they just using the same treatment methods over and over again. There are many people seeking help out there to end their substance dependency, but they seemed lost and don’t know where to start their journey towards sobriety.

Reiki Emotional Healing – True Emotional Healing Is Now Possible With Reiki

It is so easy today for any adult to deplete their natural “goodness” through too much stress, substance abuse and what not. If we spend so much time hurt ourselves, why can we not spend just a little time also Healing ourselves. Find out how reiki can be used to heal yourself.

Motion Sickness Cure: Motion Sickness Relief And Treatment

Going out to the sea on your new yacht can be an exciting experience. Not only will you be using your new boat, you will also get to enjoy a spectacular view of one of the natural wonders of the earth. This experience nonetheless can mean a dreadful experience for a person who suffers from motion sickness.

Wellness Simplified

What if you could change your mind and realize that your current conditions are temporary? What if you stopped projecting negativity onto your future? What if being an optimist and focusing on and moving toward the wellness and goals you desire becomes easier the more you do it? How do athletes excel at what they do? Practice, practice, practice – and a coach and a team and fans…

Chakra Energy Healing – The Guidance Towards the Right Direction of Life

A wheel like structure creates a vacuum portion in the centre when it spins or rotates in the circular motion. This wheel like structure is termed as chakra.

The Natural Way to Ease Morning Sickness

Early pregnancy is both exciting and difficult. There are so many changes occurring, so much new information to get your head around, and so many emotions running through your mind all in a short space of time.

Got Stress? Got Problems? Get Reiki!

Looking for natural remedies to relieve stress? Reiki is a MUST Try… See why!

A Microscopic Ocean-Extract – 6 Reasons It May Promote Your LONGEVITY And SAFEGUARD Your Health

A Microscopic Ocean-Extract – 6 reasons it may Be Your #1 Promoter of LONGEVITY And SAFEGUARD You From Premature Death. Would you believe it if we told you that ONE substance contains the entire spectrum of nutrients for the human nutritional profile and that this same substance is the #1 proliferator of life on Earth and actually creates our atmosphere and enables the life of our entire human species? The Fact is this one living-nutrient source creates up to 90% of the very oxygen we breathe! SO… What is it?

Try Using Your Five Senses – They Can Surprise You

We don’t use our five senses well. With whole body training, as in Tai Chi and Qi Gong, the practitioner is gradually led to be more aware of the body, its movements and stillnesses, its amazing potentials.

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