Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil Review When Travelling

My review of Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil travel bottle and the softgel supplements when travelling in airports around the world https://www.biohackerslab.com/bulletproof-mct-oil-review/

Products reviewed:
1. Brain Octane supplement bottle
2. Brain Octane travel bottle

I mentioned how using the 90ml (3.2oz) travel size bottle you are able to carry your liquid MCT oil through airport security as hand luggage. The rule at airport security is your are only allowed to carry liquids in a clear see through plastic bag in a 100ml (3.4 oz) or less size bottle. From what I found this rule is the same in international airports around the world in the US, UK, Europe, Asia, African and Australia.

This means if you would like to use some MCT oil in your coffee or on your food in the departures lounge or on the plane then this is how you get it on the plane with no hassle.

I then tried out the second option available when travelling to be able keep using MCT oils on your low carb high fat diet or Bulletproof diet. I tried out the Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil softgel supplement. Initially I did think why would you use these and not the little bottle, but I found I was glad I had it as there was no issue of spillage of the oil onto my clothes in my main hold luggage, I could also take these at night or in the morning even if I had been fasting and wanted to get a quick burst of ketone energy with a bit of Brain Octane or when I took my Magnesium L-Threonate supplement at night or in the morning.

You would only need to buy the travel size bottle once if you wanted too and then refill it before each trip or when needed.

This is not only for when going through airports on an international or domestic flight, but even if on a cruise, bus, train or on a road trip in the car. If you are camping or on a trail hike for the day this is another convenient way to carry the oil with you. There are many different times when you are on the move that you could use these products to make your keto lifestyle easier.

If you wondering why Brain Octane and not XCT oil or just regular MCT oil from another brand? The answer is Brain Octane is made up of highly refined pure coconut oil (no palm oil) so it is mainly the C8 version of medium chain triglyceride. The best benefit of caprylic acid (C8) type MCT’s is that they are converted in ketones quicker and can help put you into nutritional ketosis faster. You want to be experience nutritional ketosis for a variety of reasons. Some common ones might be for managing weight (weight loss), brain energy (no glucose crashes) or as part of a ketogenic diet for protecting your central nervous system from a neurodegenerative disease or epilepsy.

Personally I like living in an intermittent ketogenic state for weight management and brain health for clearer thinking and less hunger feelings from carbohydrate crashes after a spike in insulin response.

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Liquids Travel Restriction Reference:
1. https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/liquids-rule
2. https://www.gov.uk/hand-luggage-restrictions/overview

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