Breathwork to Start the Day feat. Vaskilintu (Leigh Ewin, AUS)

Leigh Ewin is Australian living in Finland. He is a certified Wim Hof Method Instructor, Breathwork educator & facilitator and Author.

Leigh is facilitating breathwork experiences and sessions that enable improved performance for everyday life and stress management, sports and athletic performance and elevated states of consciousness and connectedness with the self, others and the world.

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Embarrassed About Being Short? Here Are the Super Effective Tricks to Growing Taller Real Fast

A lot of people already know the importance of stretching. However only a handful knows that correct stretching could effectively contribute to getting taller. The stretching exercises could help you gain height and improve your posture in the process too. Some aches and pains might occur at the start but persevere and you’ll get the results that you need.

Ancient Practices to Create Harmonious Living in the 21st Century Life

Yoga and meditation are practices that have been around for thousands of years. They are now very much a part of the western tradition when it comes to reducing stress, and relaxing the body and mind and creating harmonious living in our 21st century lives. Currently treated as separate practices the time has come to bring them together to reduce our stress-laden lives.

Do You Want to Grow Taller? Then Here is the Most Important Thing You Will Ever Read

Do you want to grow taller? Everyone is probably shouting a resounding YES. Except of course for the tallest man on earth. If you find yourself unhealthily obsessed with your height or think your legs are short and chunky or you look fatter than everyone else because you’re short, here are four tips that would help you look and grow taller.

Are You Stuck Being Short? Don’t Worry – Here Are the Secrets to Gaining Height Extremely Fast

We often find exactly the right thing or the right answer as the need arises, even with the hard-to-treat issues that puzzle most of us, including how to be taller. When you think you’ve finally given up on the idea that you’ll grow another inch taller, you suddenly find yourself reading this.

4 Amazingly Effective Exercises For Getting Taller! Now You Don’t Have to Be Worried About Height

If you have been short most of your life, you may be at your wits end on how you can add a few inches or even a few millimeters to your height. You have heard of various artificial ways on how to increase your height but you are not so keen using those kinds of stuff. You prefer to go natural with the process. There are actually exercises to make you grow taller. Here are some that you might want to try.

Types of Minerals

Mineral, from the nutritional point of view, is a chemical element which is needed by the body of an organism. This is usually an element other than the four elements primarily needed by organisms- carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.

Importance of Goji Plant

Berries from the Goji plant play a major role in maintaining the human body’s healthy. Goji berry is commonly referred as longevity berry. The goji plant is widely grown in the Himalayan and Tibet regions and hence they are also known as the Himalayan goji berry or Tibetan goji berry.

Ancient Health Secrets of Ayurveda

Ayurveda has been the traditional way of treating health related problems in India for centuries and its success has lead it to be known as a great alternate medicine. The Ayurvedic form of treatment is based on the five basic elements of metaphysics that are; earth, fire, water, air and ether.

Treatments For Urinary Incontinence

The disorder of urinary incontinence usually affects older people, as well as those who have just given birth. However, it can affect anyone, regardless of their gender and age. This ailment is embarrassing for the sufferer and can be very limiting to their social life.

3 Step Reiki Healing Technique to Cure Sleeplessness and Make You Feel Refreshed and Revived

Stress and strain have become an inseparable part of modern living. The after affects of stress which disrupts majority of our daily life includes loss of sleep. Like for any other ailment, for sleeplessness too we resort to modern medicines as our first treatment option. When it fails to produce the desired results we look for alternatives.

Heartburn Home Remedies With Potato and Aloe Vera Juice

Unless you resort to heartburn home remedies, the chances of tackling the problem with over the counter drugs may not work in the long run. Sour taste in the mouth, shortness of breath, nausea, gas and bloating are common symptoms experienced by people with heartburn.

Three Simple Steps on How to Get Taller Naturally

Short people are often worried about their height. They often wonder how to get taller naturally with absolutely no side effects. Here we will discuss 3 simple steps to increase height.

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