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Habits That Keep You Active, Fit and Healthy

Exercises play an important role in keeping our body active and inspire it to work. Physical activity, exercises, yoga and walking maintain the mobility of the joints and relieve pain.

How Long Does Flu Last? Part Five – Natural Measures to Treat Flu With Unbearable Aching

How long does the flu last in most cases, needs to consider you as a whole rather than to simply looking at the average time of the duration of typical flu symptoms. How much care do you take of yourself and your health?

Healthy Dietary Habits – Food Habits For Good Health

A healthy balanced diet helps us fight against diseases and infections. But if unhealthy diet is taken, they can disturb the whole body process and cause diseases. Read some simple dietary habits that will not only keep you healthy but also cure many other body disturbances already there.

How Long Does Flu Last? – Part Two, Natural Measures to Treat a Rapid Onset of Flu

By asking how long does flu last your answer needs to be in depth, rather than off the cuff. Too many variables come into the picture. And it can be a serious ailment to have.

Treatment of Stomach Pain by Finding the Cause – Part Five – Alcoholic Gastritis

The treatment of stomach pain can’t be successful if it doesn’t include you as a person, what you do, what you have done, and what your peculiarities are. Everyone is a unique individual. Lumping stomach pain under various labels, does little to individualise you.

How Long Does Flu Last? – Part One, Natural Measures to Take For Flu Prevention

How long does flu last for most people? The answer needs to be more in depth than giving a pat answer of so many days or weeks. And the significance of flu does need to be taken seriously.

Treatment of Stomach Pain by Finding the Cause – Part Four – With Vomiting

Any successful treatment of stomach pain will take into consideration the whole of you, rather than limiting the diagnosis and so the treatment to your stomach. After all, your stomach is a part of you, why isolate it?

Treatment of Stomach Pain by Finding the Cause – Part Three – Ulcers

The treatment of stomach pain needs to embrace the whole of you. What are you doing to cause or contribute to this problem?

Treatment of Stomach Pain by Finding the Cause – Part Two – Gastritis

The treatment of stomach pain needs to find the cause. Only then can you expect to gain permanent relief.

I Get Henry to Stab Me Wherever He Wants and I Feel Better

Acupuncture is a 3000 years old method of healing the body. It is done by inserting needles into imaginary energy channels called meridians that run through the body thus increasing energy levels. Acupuncturist will look at your tongue and check your pulse. Just by doing this the doctor can tell exactly what is happening inside your body thus can prescribe you the right herbs.

How Does Food Act As a Natural Remedy?

Every time we are ill or feeling bad, we immediately run to a doctor for medicines without thinking even once that the matter can be a trivial one and can be solved by home made remedies available from foods. Prevention is better than cure. It is one of the tested and established adage but no one pays heed to it.

Reduce Armpit Perspiration – How to Deal With the Extra Sweat

Armpit sweating is difficult to deal with. Learn some strategies to deal with the moisture of sweating as well as the odor that comes from it.

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