Boost Your Resilience Using Red Light (Sarah Turner, UK & Teemu Arina, FIN)

Sarah has studied Psychology with Biology, Nutritional Medicine and Clinical Neuroscience. She has a scientific research background starting in the pharmaceutical industry and more recently in the field of novel therapeutic devices and photobiomodulation.

She has an interest in all aspects of the application of light in biology including photobiomodulation, circadian biology, chronobiology, lifestyle modification and biohacking.

Although her main interest is scientific research, as part of her journey she has interviewed some of the most prolific thought-leaders, visionaries, experts in health and performance. She has been involved in the making of movies and media that explore many of the topics of biohacking.

She is currently working with Recharge Co Ltd on the FlexBeam – a targeted red light device, and is involved with the research and development of a transcranial red light device for brain health.

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