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How to Overcome Stress Naturally in Three Easy Steps

Learning how to overcome stress naturally may be one of the best things you ever do. Because it means that you are starting to take control of your health. By taking control, rather than leaving it to others (many of whom may have other agendas) you are in a better place to achieve good results.

The Human Electric Body

What is an electrical human body? Well, this is a valid question considering that very few of us know that the human has electrical impulses transmitted through neurons.

Homeopathic Insomnia Remedies

Sleep is one of the few opportunities wherein your brain and body can rest to function well again. Nevertheless, people who suffer from insomnia cannot take advantage of this opportunity, which is why they end up being restless and tiresome the next day. Because of insomnia, sufferers tend to be physically and mentally fatigued each day.

How I Cured Constipation – Now You Can Too

I, like 95% of all adult Americans have suffered from constipation. While being constipated seemed like a minor problem at the time it quickly developed in-to being more serious than I had ever imagined and resulted in me suffering from chronic constipation for a long time.

Aromatherapy – Find Out You Can Benefit Form Aromatherapy

We’ve all heard about Aromatherapy, but how can it help you. Aromatherapy is fast becoming a popular therapy that could be of benefit to you.

Painful Mouth Sores

Mouth ulcers are round patches of exposed tissue, which are painful if you explore them with your tongue, as people tend to do subconsciously. Spicy food or alcohol can also trigger pain. If you have numerous or large ulcers, eating becomes extremely difficult.

Why Some Christians Choose New Age-Energy Healing

About 16 years ago I was in the convent as a Roman Catholic sister. Another sister, working as a nurse, introduced me to an energy healing program known as Healing Touch. As I delved more deeply into the amazing world of the human energy field, and watched people seemingly heal miraculously, I had a crisis of faith.

Chili Pepper Wisdom

Cayenne and ulcers? Capsaicin and cholesterol? The surprising uses for hot peppers.

Lively Lemon – What Can it Do?

You may know it as an odor cutter in the kitchen and as a cleanser, but what else can it do? Acne, insect bites, poison ivy and more…

Alternative Medicine – Bowen Technique

A form of alternate medicine that is revolutionizing the healthcare world is called the Bowen Technique. This technique was developed in Australia by a certain Tom Bowen and is known as Bowen Therapy. The therapy was confined to Australia until 1986 and then was introduced to other countries by Oswald Rentsch who had observed Tom Bowen working and was amazed by the results.

Alternative Medicine – Floatation Therapy

Therapy is a form of alternate medicine and is essentially a method of sensory isolation. The technique was developed by Dr. John C. Lilly, an American psychoanalyst and neuro-physiologist, who developed this technique and subsequently the sensory isolation tank (1954) based on his research on the reaction of human beings to sensory deprivation.

Science Continues to Validate Aromatherapy – Now If We Could Only Change It’s Name

Essential oils and plant aromatics in general have a very long history of use in traditional medicine systems. Now, the body of scientific research continues to grow and affirm aromatherapy, a once very “new age-y” practice.

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