Biohacking Nature Benefits with Jaakko Halmetoja

Welcome to Biohacker’s Live Show! In this episode our guest is Jaakko Halmetoja, author of the Biohacker’s Handbook!

Jaakko Halmetoja (FIN) is a nutrition & wellness expert, author, entrepreneur and public speaker with a pace of around 100 lectures per year. Halmetoja has a passion for making health & wellness cool – by popularizing the disruptive force of new health technologies and abundant opportunities around us. For a past decade, Jaakko has been traveling the world in search of the most interesting food ingredients and health technologies available – working as an advisor for multiple healthcare companies in Finland and abroad.

Jaakko Halmetoja will be speaking in the next Biohacker Summit in Helsinki, 1st and 2nd of November!

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It Takes a Team for Healing

Human beings are complex creations. If we just talked about the physical body, it would take libraries to write about everything we know and all the questions we have. The same is true about the emotional self. There are many points of view and many ways to look at how our emotions and thoughts affect each one of us. Now we are learning how they affect our physical body.

Permission for Healing Is More Complicated Than You Think

If you’re a healer and someone makes an appointment and walks into your office, you automatically assume you have full permission to do what it is you do. Right? What you don’t realize, and the individual him or herself may not realize, is that permission to be healed is not present.

Permission for Energy Healing

Alternative healing, also known as complementary healing, takes many forms. There are chiropractors, acupuncturists, herbalists, naturopathic practitioners, mind-body therapists and energy healers. Many of these practitioners used more than one alternative modality.

Does Science Really Know How Energy Healing Works?

There was a time when almost everyone raised their eyebrows when they heard someone talk about acupuncture, Reiki, Healing Touch, BodyTalk, PSYCH-K, EFT or any other form of energy based healing. Now medical doctors and nurses are being trained in many of these modalities. They wouldn’t be spending the extra money to learn energy healing if they’re patients weren’t interested and if they, themselves, didn’t find that energy healing facilitated the body getting better.

Spinal Decompression for Diabetics

Today, people suffering from diabetic neuropathy may also benefit from spinal decompression.  As you may be aware, high blood sugar levels can cause all kinds of peculiar symptoms.

Aloe Vera Treatment For Asthma

An Aloe Vera treatment can be considered for asthma patients in some cases to ease the symptoms but always make sure you talk to your doctor about it before trying it. Asthma is the body’s attempt to fight off an irritant and does this by wheezing, producing excessive mucous and coughing.

Digestive Disorders – Let The Oats Help You Deal With Them (Part 4)

Oats are proven to be great medical plant. They are widely used to treat various health problems, including digestive disorders. The article deals with simple guidelines on how to use the plant for the treatment of meteorism, pancreatic diseases and pancreatitis.

Stable Aloe Vera Gel

The aloe barbadensis miller is the most potent and nutritious of the more than 200 species of this plant.  The greatest benefits are gleaned from a mature plant and, if the aloe barbadensis miller plant is not used, than you are not getting the absolute best product.

Give Your Immune System a Boost With Aloe Vera Gel

All of us want to feel healthy.  And especially is this so when we start to see the years trail behind us.  Many have asked how is this possible when there are so many products on the shelves that promise “good health” only to fail dismally in their outcome.

Digestive Disorders – Let The Oats Help You Deal With Them (Part 3)

The article deals with simple recipes using oats to treat various digestive disorders. These digestive disorders include diarrhea, constipation and meteorism. In order to treat diarrhea (especially, in children), you should prepare oat gelatin.

Whiplash And Chiropractic Treatment

Whiplash, the neck injury associated with a sudden acceleration-deceleration force most commonly associated with automobile accidents, can happen to anyone. And, when it does, a multitude of symptoms and conditions can simultaneously or retroactively occur. Because nearly one-third of car accidents are rear-end collisions, and because the neck itself is a fragile extremity, it’s easy to understand how prevalent theses injuries actually are.

Digestive Disorders – Let The Oats Help You Deal With Them (Part 1)

The article deals with simple guidelines on how to use oats when dealing with digestive disorders. It describes natural remedies to treat stomach ulcer, chronic cholecystitis, lack of appetite and enterocolitis. In order to normalize gastric secretion, you should infuse 10 tablespoons of oat grains with a liter of water.

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