Biohacking in The Age of Modern Medicine (Dr. Sviatoslav Khanenko)

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Dr. Sviatoslav Khanenko (UKR) is a founder & Chief Medical Officer @ Biohacking Clinic SQLAB. Sviatoslav realized his missin when he was 16 years old: to overcome demographic crisis in Ukraine. From the very beginning he knew that prevention and early diagnostic is the key. Family medicine is the worldwide recognized model of primary health care with emphasis on prevention. In Ukraine there is still no real primary health care or family medicine. That’s why he decided to become family doctor. 2005-2010 – medical practice in field of preventive medicine. 2010 – till now management in health care. 2007 – till now continuing education in medical and business field. 2012-2016 International business in pharmaceutical anti-aging.

This presentation was filmed during Biohacker Summit Tallinn in September 2018. Check​​​​ for upcoming events & tickets!

Excessive Face Sweating – Ways to Control Excessive Face Sweating

Sweating is a natural body process. It is a way the body gets rid of all the unwanted things from the system like toxins, impurities and the waste products of the body. These waste products of the body are actually the by-products of the metabolic processes of the body’s cells. Another purpose of sweating is that it helps in the body’s thermoregulation.

Excessive Armpit Sweat – How to Minimize the Symptoms

Have you ever experienced being the center of ridicule by your friends or co-workers? Is the reason because of those ugly and mocking sweat stains on your shirt? Do you tend to sweat quite a lot especially during stressful and anxiety-provoking events? Does this happen frequently? Do those awful sweat stains prevent you from doing your job well? Does it affect your confidence and how you look at and value yourself?

How to Stop Sweating Underarms – Best Medical Solutions to Consider

The ordeal of having excessively sweaty armpits is not a medical condition new to mankind. In fact, as early as the earliest civilizations, there were already countless occurrences of such condition of hyperhidrosis and until now, how to stop sweating underarms continues to be a societal problem. However, there is no need for you to get gloomy and feel so hopeless about your condition because there are actually a number of effective treatment methods and options to finally put a stop to such sweaty armpits.

Excessive Armpit Perspiration – Solutions and Remedies

Finding the most effective way to stop the embarrassing and shameful condition of excessive armpit perspiration can be quite a task and it can be tedious as well. It is a sensitive and deep matter which is the cause of people’s embarrassment throughout the years. People who suffer from this condition find it shameful to ask for the treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis or in laymen’s term, it means profuse sweating.

Palm Sweating – Causes and Valuable Treatments

If you are suffering from the very awkward condition of palmar hyperhidrosis, or what is more commonly referred to by people all over the world as hand or palm sweating, make it a point to right away browse through the Internet to gather all the necessary information about such sweating disorder. The truth is, there are boatloads of resources and reviews available online that you may obtain to feed your mind regarding this predicament.

A Good Natural Health Coach Can Improve Your Home Prescribing Skills Immeasurably

A good natural health coach can make all the difference to your ability to becoming a good home prescriber or just a mediocre one. This means you can have the ability to respond quickly to emergencies, heading off trouble before it start.

Aromatherapy Oils – Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood Essential Oil is from the genus Cedrus, specifically the Cedrus atlantica. Commonly referred to as Atlas Cedarwood. There are however various other Cedar and Juniper species used to produce Cedarwood Essential Oil but the preferred choice is the Atlas Cedarwood.

Homeopathy For Grief – Ignatia

Grief and sadness often come as a result of shock or loss. When someone dear and close is removed from our life and especially if is abrupt, it is as if time itself changes. The word grief is related to the Latin gravis, meaning heavy or burden. How apt. It is like a load or a weight.

Learn Homeopathy Online For Better Home Prescribing Skills

If you want to learn homeopathy online, then it can provide you with an extra ability to do some real good. But you also need to focus on what it will provide and what you get at the end of it. And what hours you need to put in to achieve the expected results.

Home Prescribing With Homeopathy Offers You the Best Healing

Home prescribing offers you a highly effective and useful area of health care to add to your first aid skills, particularly if it is homeopathic. You may never know just how much good you do, when you become proficient at it.

Homeopathy Courses Online Can Make You a Skilled Home Prescriber

Homeopathy courses online can bring your home prescribing skills to a whole new level. Learning from a book is great but tends to be limited. A real teacher will encourage you as well as answer all your questions, questions that if left unanswered may hinder your progress.

Jojoba Oil – Amazing Properties and Benefits

The jojoba plant, botanically known as simmondsia chinensis is a perennial shrub that grows mainly in Mexico and south western parts of the United States. It has thick bluish-green leaves.

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