Biohacker’s Ecstatic Dance Party
Ethereal soundscapes, embodied movement & sublime frequencies: Ecstatic Dance in its purest essence is a combination of a carefully-crafted musical journey with fully liberated movement & physical expression, where the ego eventually evaporates. Gently guided by experienced masters, the journey will take you through various genres, tempos & levels of emotional intensity and cathartic release.

Prepare for a powerful, immersive experience of live music and visuals inspired by indigenous tribes and their most sacred rituals – seamlessly blending their organic nature with the modern aspects of electronic music, psychedelic trance and progressive breaks. In a consciously held space entirely free of toxic substances like alcohol, you will instead enjoy Upgraded Ceremonial Cacao and various other beverages only biohackers know how to prepare. Hydrate with flavorful mixtures full of the healthiest ingredients: electrolytes, herbal antioxidants and adaptogens. Dance with abandon, emerge refreshed & rejuvenated, and sleep well.

The music used in this trailer was produced by Mikko Heikinpoika, one of our resident artists, and is used with his permission.

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