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Clinical Studies With Arnica

This article examines a series of trial with homeopathic Arnica. The results of these studies were surprising.

How Helpful is Gene Therapy?

Gene therapy is the replacement of genetic material to an impaired cell. It then corrects the flaw in the genome of a patient. Gene therapy can also be applied to a developed lifetime disease of an individual such as cancer or recurring infection.

Common Sports Injuries

Learn about the most common sports injuries. Learn how to avoid them and care for them.

Homeopathy – Alternative Medicine For Natural Healing

Homeopathy is the healing process where ‘like cures like’. Using things in nature, a remedy is made to treat many symptoms that are experiences for most of us each day like head and body aches, bruises, and cold and flus.

Maltitol – What is It – And is it Really That Bad?

This is an unbiased overview of the alternative sweetener Maltitol. Discover the origin, uses and other important facts regarding this popular sugar substitute.

Natural Remedies For Hyperhidrosis – 4 Super Herbs to Defeat Hyperhidrosis

Natural remedies for hyperhidrosis are your safest route to treating your problem. I’m sure you would opt for the natural way rather than taking in medications or even undergoing surgery. We don’t have to do more damage to our bodies just so we could treat a specific ailment or sickness.

Sage Tea For Excessive Sweating – Secret Sage Recipe For Hyperhidrosis

Sage tea for excessive sweating is just one of the natural ways to solve the problem and it’s simply effective too. The sage herb is known to cure many ailments and one of its healing wonders includes putting a stop to excessive sweating. Using sage is one of the most practical ways for you to stay sweat free.

A Good Natural Remedy For Diarrhea is Fast and Gentle in Its Action

A good natural remedy for diarrhea will be supportive of your body’s best efforts at healing you. That’s all you ever need for your good health. A little supportive help. Your body will do the rest.

Safe Herbal Medicine For Children

Alternative medicines such as the use of herbs and other medicinal plants has a wide range of uses and effectiveness depending on the condition and the person’s age. It’s use became popular because of the healing effects and nowadays, mothers use these herbs for their children. So before using any of this herbs and other medicinal plants, know some of the safest herbal medicine for children.

Aromatherapy For Pregnant Women

It can help with the fatigue and the aches and the pains that can be constant companions during the pregnancy. Using essential oils also can be a natural way to deal to any minor illnesses that occur during the pregnancy.

Treat Epilepsy With Home Remedies

Epilepsy cannot be cured completely but can be managed to some extent. Hence the family members of epilepsy patients need to be careful so that the patient can lead a healthy life.

How a Notorious Weed Became One of the Most Powerful Natural Healing Herbs

Dandelion tea? Notorious as an unwanted plant (weed) in the garden, this flowering plant has been found to be one of the best healthy herbs readily available on the planet.

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