Biohacker Summit UK 2016 – Invitation

Biohacker Summit on London 21 May 2016:

Natural Health Remedies That Can Help You Stay Well

You wake up in the morning and you’ve started noticing a slightly running a nose and that your throat is a little sore. You’re probably trying to tell yourself that you aren’t really sick but you probably know, deep down, that the flu has already set in.

Alkaline Ionized Water Works at the Cellular Level to Promote Better Health and Healing Naturally

Cellular health begins with proper hydration, detoxification and oxygen that you won’t get from a healthy diet alone. You are 70% water- your body’s most vital substance. Without it, and unless you drink the proper amounts, you cannot hydrate properly. Water that is contaminated and polluted with chemicals only adds to more acid in your body, so you have to drink the right kind to truly battle disease and experience true health.

Reflexology Explored

With so many complementary and alternative therapies available to us these days We thought it may be interesting to explore some of them further. Alternative therapies are defined as any healing practice that, ‘does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine’ – but so many are becoming common place that we wanted to find out more about them. Many alternative therapies are already widely used and accepted to have some positive results when used in conjunction with conventional medicines.

I Feel Dizziness From Sinusitis – What Can I Do About It?

As said, prevention is always better than cure. Many things like the fast food life style and increasing pollution among others result in a poor immune system. And, this in turn increases the chances of falling sick.

Is There Anything That Cures Sinusitis? What Can Be Done?

Upper-respiratory infections, allergies, fungal infections, nasal polyps, a deviated septum and tooth abscesses all contribute to the onset of sinusitis. This condition is generally underestimated and wrongly diagnosed.

Cold Sore In The Corner of the Mouth – Types of Infection

There are a few causes of cold sores and there are 2 types of HSV. They are known as type I and type II. Another term for HSV is herpes liabilis. It only causes infections in the body above the waist and it most commonly causes oral cold sores. The type 2 infection occurs below the waist and leads to a condition known as genital herpes.

Buying and Using Homeopathic Medicines

Most homeopathic remedies come from the same plants used in traditional herbal medicine. A few are derived from animal sources or from naturally occurring chemical compounds.

Hiatal Hernia Diet – Tips to Follow It

Hiatal hernia is a very serious condition that affects a lot of people all over the world. Recent research has shown that more than 50% of people who have hiatal hernia do not show any symptoms at all. The condition of hiatal hernia is not very rare either, many people are known to suffer from it.

Distance Healing – The Science Behind It

I was reading someone’s web site on healing at a distance, agreeing with everything she said. Then this little thought invaded my mind, “What if you didn’t already believe what she said. Would you believe it just reading it?”

Frequently Asked Questions About Tea Tree Oil

In this article, we’ll go over some common questions about tea tree oil. This oil is an essential addition to your medicine cabinet!

Stop Sweating and Start Living Without Embarrassment – Some Facts You Need to Consider

To stop sweating and start living the kind of life you really want to live you need to become resourceful about your hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) condition and take responsibility for implementing basic strategies for allowing you to gain relief from this condition. Whether you suffer from an armpit sweating problem, sweaty palms and feet or facial sweating you need to know that you have options available to you so you don’t have to live every day in embarrassment like so many other sufferers do. It really doesn’t have to be that way for most excessive sweaters.

Having Fun While Undergoing Aromatherapy

You can’t be too serious with all the facets of life as this can result for you to become old too fast. There are items in life that you have to take pleasure from and stay to be able to benefit more in the process. There are people who will seek the help of a physician with a slight hurt or any simple aches that they may be putting up with.

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