Biohacker Summit – Nell Watson: Nanomachines and Internal Computing

Nell Watson is an engineer, entrepreneur, and futurist thinker. Nell lectures globally on Machine Intelligence, AI philosophy, Human-Machine relations, and the Future of Human Society. She is a faculty member of the Singularity University, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics track and the founder & CEO of Poikos, “Instagram for body measurement”. Nell has teached post-grad Computer Science at the age of 24, advised a number of startups, accelerators, and venture capital funds and serves as an advisory futurist to The Lifeboat Foundation, which has a mission to protect humanity from existential risks that could end civilization as we know it, such as asteroid collisions, or rogue artificial intelligence.

Fight Depression With Alternative Methods

Depression is a common disorder nowadays and, fortunately, there are countless treatments and remedies that can help you achieve a positive state of mind. For this kind of mental disorder, it is preferred to use safer and more natural ways of treatment like alternative medicine.

Get Better Immunity From Alternative Medicine

Diseases are a part and parcel of daily life. Immunity of the body is the one that fights with the virus and the bacteria that causes these diseases. The present day approach to deal with daily life diseases is the use of allopathic medicines such as aspirin, antibiotics, analgesics etc. But this kind of approach is not holistic as it provides temporary results instead of removing the disease from the base. A world known inventor once said “”The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” These words are absolutely true because some things give better results when they are not made complex.

Going Natural – Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the treatment of diseases with herbal essences. Used since ancient times, aromatic oils and herbal preparations have returned to become a therapeutic method often used in conjunction with other complementary therapies such as herbal homeopathy, acupuncture or Apitherapy.

First Three Steps For Highly Effective Yeast Infection at Home Treatment

Whatever your main goal, you should have good advice, tips, pointers that may help you. If you should know what to do and what to stay clear of, it really is easier to arrive at your goals. You will find three essential guidelines to help you presented here.

Relieve Respiratory Problems With a Simple Salt Solution

It can be difficult to breathe easy when the air today is filled with pollutants of all kinds, from dust and allergens to toxic chemicals. If you have any kind of respiratory problem–such as asthma, bronchitis, or hay fever-you know the best remedy is good, clean air.

Color and Music – Emerging Healing Properties

The use of conventional drugs and medicinal practice has made our body weaker and more prone to diseases. The continuous use of these drugs has serious side effects causing us to fall ill more often and heal back slower each time. The need to have less harmful and more beneficial remedies has led to the development of a branch of medicine called Alternative Medicine. Alternative Medicine gives us a healthier substitute to scientifically engineered drugs.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The long battle between alternative medicine and scientific medicine appears to be over with the appearance of complementary medicine. Complementary medicine tries to combine the best of both worlds by putting the health of the patient ahead of medical philosophy.

Hot Flashes in Men Are Quite Common

Male hot flashes are quite common. In general terms they in men occur almost as often as in they do for women.

7 Important Facts You Absolutely Need to Know When Buying Essential Oils

Wanting to buy essential oils? Read this informative article first to find out 7 facts you need to know when purchasing essential oils.

Fight Eczema the Natural Way!

If you are and Eczema sufferer, you need to find a remedy for it. You may find yourself trying out over the counter expensive creams or ones prescribed by your Dermatologist. These may work, but remember the natural way is always better. Here are some natural ways of curing Eczema that have been proven to work.

How Long Do Cold Sores Last?

The answer can vary quite a bit, but generally if the outbreak is left to resolve itself two weeks is the average duration. Of course that two weeks feels like an eternity!

Non-Aggressive Ways of Treatment – Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a science of human healing originating in India that has the purpose of finding the balance that must exist between body, soul, spirit and the surrounding world. For the achievement of such an existential ideal, wise healers of India made a program that is based on four steps. First step refers to physical and respiratory exercises which aim to strengthen the physical body and bring spiritual tranquility.

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