Biohacker Summit – Maria Lorenz: Mind and Time Management in the Age of “No Time”

Maria Lorenz is a Mind- and Time-Management trainer with 7 years of training experience with world leading organizations such as BMW, General Electric, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom and Supercell. Interested in her early life in the art of meditation she received a decade ago personal training by the world leading meditation and yoga teacher Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Maria has graduated in Business Administration (German Diploma) with major field of studies in Business psychology and Marketing from the University of Hamburg, Germany. Her passion is yoga, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Yeast Infection Prevention – What Can You Do to Prevent Uncomfortable Yeast Infection

Do you suspect that you may have yeast infection? If you do then it is possibly best to consult a doctor. But this course of action is not open to everyone given that health care facilities are often inadequate and many people do not have access to them or aren’t able to afford a clinic or the emergency room of a hospital. Middle-aged and younger women are most susceptible to yeast infection and yet many of them aren’t even properly insured.

Candiasis Treatments – Treat Candida Without the Side Effects

Treatment for candiasis involves killing the fungi that are responsible for the disease. Antibiotics are not the solution for this condition. You will get better results with antimyotics. If you don’t know about these, these are antifungal formulas to treat candiasis. Several medicines like clotrimazole, ketoconazole, nystatin and fluconazole are typical prescriptions for this ailment. However, you cannot take these for more than about six months. These are injurious to health if taken over a prolonged period of time.

Wipe Out Cancer and Several Diseases Fast

If you will never have to go through the horror of receiving a physician’s chilling diagnosis of a terrible affliction or watch helplessly while people you love are afflicted with cancer tumor or some other life-threatening affliction which you are not able to do something about then this holistic cure for cancer and other disorders is good for you. Life can be lovely with very few difficulties if we are healthy. I believe without being sensational that we can live in a world in which cancer or every other disease is not a threat to any person, you inclusive.

Dandelion Herbs

I could not pass up telling you about the amazing secret life of the natural dandelion. A weed! Before you start killing dandelions on your dandelion lawn, did you know that the dandelion benefits include a highly prized herb?

A Brief Introduction to Back Pain

When a person starts to develop back pain, they are going to have to deal with several different consequences. If the pain is constant, then the suffering will probably prevent a person from performing normal everyday tasks. If the aching is intermittent, then the person may not suffer quite as much but if the aching becomes sharp, then again it can cause incapacitation (temporary).

Let Food Be Your Medicine and Medicine Be Your Food

Traditional versus Alternative Health. Often we resort to traditional medicine to fix what’s broken. I am a champion of traditional medicine, but also champion alternative medicine when it will suffice to get what our bodies need for optimal functioning. When our bodies are supported in a manner that will enable self repair, often they can get the job done using natural means.

Don’t Fall For These Old Wives Tales

Have you fallen for one or all of these old school tales of warning? Fall no more….

How Vitamin C Can Help Prevent Cancer

How Vitamin C can help prevent Cancer? Vitamin C is an antioxidant. Along with vitamin E, A, Beta-Carotene, and Lypocene, these substances help prevent oxidation.

Growing Taller Secrets Book – Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Dream Height

If you happen to be getting weary about finding the best method to help you grow taller, don’t despair. There is the latest Growing Taller Secrets Book designed to help people with short stature.

Do You Work Under Stress

Stress can take a deadly toll on the liver. If your liver function is out of balance, then you might experience physical discomfort in the form of symptoms such as stomach distension or bloating, nail problems, and itchy and/or red eyes, and for women, premenstrual syndrome and menstrual disorders.

A Short Guideline of Water Therapy

The healthy condition is the condition where people have fulfilled their needs to live a healthy life, thus they finally get the benefits in the form of the perfect overall well being. Have you ever heard about water therapy? This is the good method to relieve several diseases. There are several advantages and disadvantages following this method and you can determine whether you will take this one as the alternative.

Why Have Biofeedback? Reduce Stress and Aid Relaxation

So why have biofeedback? Biofeedback is a therapeutic technology that reduces stress, can help to resolve unresolved trauma, improve your ability to relax, and allow your body to self heal. Does it sound like something that your body needs?

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