Biohacker Summit – Leena Pennanen: Meditation and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

Leena Pennanen is a mindfulness-pioneer and founder of Center for Mindfulness, Finland. With over 25 years of expertise in the body-mind connection and its impact on our well-being, Leena is one of the leading experts in Finland in this field. Her work is mainly focused on helping people in understanding mindfulness through the MBSR method. Mindfulness is well known to Finns through Leena’s many TV and radio interviews and numerous press articles. Leena offers trainings for companies, in the healthcare sector and runs her own mindfulness-instructor programs. Over the past 10 years, thousands of people have gone through her different trainings. Leena also holds the European Certificate for Psychotherapy (ECP) in Hakomi-mindfulness centered body-psychotherapy. Leena’s “Mindfulness App – Leena Pennanen” is the number one health app in the category of paid apps in the App Store in Finland.

Turn Your Bad Day Into a Good One With Positive Vibrations

Healing essences is becoming a popular term in non-traditional medicine circles these days. If you have heard the term thrown around, but still have no idea what anyone is talking about, here is a quick rundown of what they are, and what they do.

Use Aromatherapy to Treat Sinus Infections

Aromatherapy is a kind of alternative kind of health practice that utilizes specific essential oils that will help to stimulate contrasting senses that are in the body. It is utilized in place of prescription or over the counter medicines and are able to be used to address a mixture of health problems including sinus infections.

Therapy For Destroying Cancer and Many Other Disorders Speedily

Is cancer destroyable without chemotherapy? Most people including medical personnel will answer no to the above question. But times have changes and are still changing faster than we expect. A holistic cure for cancer and many other diseases has been around for sometime now only that it has been suppressed by a whole lot of people who think that their trades will be jeopardized if it becomes public knowledge.

Information on Sinusitis Problems and Associated Complications

The world today is experiencing an incredible increase of upper respiratory and sinus ailments due to the presence of pollutants. For this reason many physicians, clinics, and holistic specialists are investigating new ways of helping those who suffer from this ailment.

Classical Homeopathy and the Art of Complete Healing

Many people are apprehensive about trying out classical homeopathy simply because they are so used to standard drugs and medicines for their illnesses. However, before you try out any homeopathic remedies you must understand the philosophy of treatment that sets it apart from any other conventional healing methods. It is an approach that attempts to treat the individual as a whole, instead of just focusing on certain conditions and scenarios.

Yeast Infection on Corners of Mouth and Some Natural Ways to Treat It

Consumption of some antibiotics, birth control pills, stress and diabetes can contribute to yeast infection on corners of mouth. If you have a weak immune system, you are more prone to this infection. Though there are several medications available, you can try some natural ways to treat the infection in a safe manner.

The Unique Medicinal Properties of Essential Oils

Essential oils are derived from different parts of a plant such as leaves, roots, stems and even flowers. These oils are generally used in alternative medicine such as aromatherapy and massage therapy.

Excessive Sweating Treatments That Can Work For You Naturally

Natural excessive sweating treatments are plentiful and easy to implement for those committed to helping their condition. Opportunities abound to take steps that can make a significant difference in the quality of your life.

3 Simple Ways to Stop Moles

Do you have brothers or sisters who have moles? Or do you have any family members who have an excessive amount of moles on their body?

How to Recognize Poison Ivy – The Plant and the Rash

If you live in North America and venture beyond your front porch, you’re at risk of contracting poison ivy. Thankfully, by learning to recognize this dangerous plant, you can limit the likelihood of developing a nasty rash. Staying out of parks and forests does not guarantee your safety.

Oregano Essential Oil – Finest Natural Health Remedy

Oregano also known as the “pizza herb” has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiviral properties. Of all the plants in the mint family, Oregano is the richest in antioxidants. Oregano Essential Oil is one of the world’s finest natural health medicines available. Its medicinal benefits has been used to treat lung conditions, bronchitis, sinusitis, and cold symptoms.

Relieve Severe Neck Pain With Pressure Point Therapy and Acupressure Treatment

Are you suffering from severe neck pain? Are you fed up with using pain medication to merely mask the pain? The painkillers prescribed by your physician will never fully eradicate your pain and can ultimately lead to dependency and addiction. Let me tell you, there are far more effective approaches to treat and potentially cure severe neck pain.

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