Biohacker Summit – Dr. Cathal Gurrin: Lifelogging: New Era of Personal Data

Cathal Gurrin is a lecturer at the School of Computing, at Dublin City University, Ireland and he is an investigator at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics where he leads a research group of 10 people. He is also a visiting scientist at the University of Tromso in Norway. His research interest is personal analytics and lifelogging (a search engine for the self). He is especially interested in how wearable sensors can be used to infer knowledge about the real-world activities of the individual and how such sensor data can be used to enhance the performance and health of the individual. He has developed WWW search algorithms, multimedia content mining tools and he has gathered a digital memory since 2006 (incl. over 15 million wearable camera images) and hundreds of millions of other sensor readings. He regularly speaks at Quantified Self events and is the author of Lifelogging: Personal Big Data, published in 2014 in the FNTIR series.

Vitamin Supplements Offer Kidney and Bladder Health Support to Conquer Urinary Tract Problems

Vitamin supplements can improve urinary flow through kidney and bladder support. It is possible to eliminate urinary tract problems and reoccurring infections naturally.

Alternative Methods of Treatment – Acupuncture

The interest in alternative medicine is on the rise. Within the list of unconventional therapies, one of them stands out, highlighted by the fact that is one of the most common and most studied method to treat different illnesses.

Apitherapy & Ichthyotherapy – Animals to Our Rescue

With the advent of new and fast effecting drugs, the side effects related to these have also increased. Prolonged use of such medicines can result in a long lasting damage to an individual’s general health. Therefore the need for effective but healthier drugs has been the demand all over the world by people suffering from diseases.

Secret Natural Cures’ Bliss – Give the Pharma Companies a Miss

Let us begin with a small question; the last time when you had a headache what did you do to counter it? You took a pill, right? You perhaps did the same when your wife got down with flu or acidity. The facts what you and millions worldwide don’t realize are that the pharma companies marketing the pills never inform you about their ill side effects which sometimes are even worse than the diseases themselves and also that there are far better natural cures available for each and every disease.

3-Part Treatment For Neuropathy

There is a 3-part clinical trial treatment currently available to help patients who are suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy. The treatment aims to reverse the effects of hypoxia or nerve damage. It is a combination of manual therapy, nutritional therapy and application of a nerve simulator device.

Proven Methods on How to Stop Underarm Sweating

Excessive underarm sweating is a very common problem faced by millions of people in the world. However the cause of excessive sweating is still unknown to us. But if you want to know how to stop underarm sweating easily, this article may help you out. Here are the few tips on how to stop underarm sweating.

Every Day Body Pain and the Magnetic Remedy

There is so much recent research data investigating into magnet therapy and pain relief that in the future it will more than likely become a standard practice to dealing with the common everyday pains of the body. Although this article deals primarily with body pain and the magnetic remedy, there have been positive results in other areas of treatment as well. Such as Depression, Cystitis, Sinusitis, insomnia and even jet lag have all been treated with some success by the power of magnets.

Honey and Aloe Vera – Natures Modern Healers

Nature provides natural healing medicines to humans and animals alike. And there is nothing that nature cannot provide when it comes to healing, prevention, and beauty care.

Protect Yourself and Others – Call in Sick

When employees are not feeling well, calling in sick to work may be the best thing to do. When employees go to work sick, they could jeopardize the health of their co-workers. If employees are impaired in any way, they may not be able to adequately perform their job.

Discover Restless Leg Syndrome Natural Treatment That Works

If you’re like most people with restless leg syndrome you’re frustrated, sleep deprived and you would do just about anything to relax your legs so you can get a good nights sleep. Doctors may tell you the only way to relieve RLS is by taking medication. There is no medication that does not have side effects or long term complications. What can you do to relieve restless leg syndrome naturally?

Great Mullein – The Healing Properties of the Herb Revealed

Great mullein possesses great variety of healing properties. As a result, the herb has been used for medical purposes since ancient times. The article deals with the healing qualities of the herb and ways to use it when dealing with various health problems.

Acid Reflux Natural Home Remedies That You Ought to Know

Acid reflux occurs when the acid found in the stomach for digesting food backs up into the esophagus and provokes a burning sensation. Try natural remedies for acid reflux give in this article and get relief naturally.

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