Biohacker Summit – Bob Schafer – Cheaper, Faster, Better

Bob Schafer is a Product Scientist at Lumos Labs, the makers of the Lumosity brain training program. In his role, Bob combines his background in neuroscience research and product development to help translate scientific knowledge into products for assessing and training mental performance. Prior to working at Lumos, Bob was the founder and CEO of Prophecy Sciences, a startup using neuroscience and predictive analytics to improve hiring decisions and team development. He earned his PhD in neuroscience from Stanford University and was a postdoctoral fellow at MIT, and has published research in top journals including Science and Neuron.

Secrets to Increase Your Eye Hand Co-ordination

Do you play a lot of sports? Do you want to avoid accidents and trips?

Versatile, Health-Promoting Oil

Virgin coconut oil is not new to us. We’ve known it all from origin to it’s health benefits.

Do We Pop Too Many Pills?

What is the difference between taking prescription drugs and using supplements? Is it all just a matter of popping pills?

Stunning Ways to Grow Taller Naturally and Safely

People are never satisfied with whatever they have in life and always desire for more and more. Every one thinks of becoming a few inches tall as a good height always adds charm to the personality. Do read this article to know how to grow taller naturally with a simple but continuous routine.

How the Healing Arts Help

When considering “healing arts,” there are many forms. You have the traditional allopathic forms known so well to most Westerners. Included in this are drugs, surgery, x-rays and pharmaceutical. Then there is chiropractic care which involves moving the spine and skeletal structure back into place, freeing the nerves. There is also energy healing which is becoming more widely known.

Homeopathy & Naturopathy – Natural Way to Heal

Nature provides several beneficial solutions to ailments related to the mind, body and soul. The best of the remedies are extracted from different forms of nature. This fact has been studied by scientists around the world and it is derived that which is natural is best treated by natural means.

Holistic Medicine – A New Approach in Treating Ailments

A lot of buzz has been on the list about Holistic medicine, certainly you also have heard about this new age medication system through some common sources. But what is actually holistic medicine all about?

Review of the Kidney Stone Removal Report – Should You Trust Joe Barton’s Natural Home Remedies?

There are a lot of books you can get that will tell you different natural home remedies for kidney stones. This article will provide a short review of the Kidney Stone Removal Report and will conclude if Joe Barton’s ebook can indeed deliver surefire results.

Herbal Medicines – Now and Then

Nowadays, surprisingly in every store you will find products with an herbal or natural tag on it. Right from herbal medicines to supplements, just ask for a single natural product and you will see millions of them popping your way out.

The Health and Healing Properties of Whole Cloves

Cloves are the dried flower buds of evergreen trees that grow in tropical climates. After they are harvested, the flowers are sun dried. The majority of cloves are grown in Asia are used to produce cigarettes called “Kretek.” But the highest quality harvests are reserved for export to the spice market.

Are You Fed Up of Wearing Glasses Or Contact Lenses Every Day?

There is a simple and effective way to guarantee perfect 20-20 vision without surgery. Save costs on glasses or contact lenses or, even eliminate your dependence on them for good. That would save you a considerable expense over the coming years!

Psychotherapy and Ho’oponopono

When someone calls me for a psychotherapy appointment, my underlying mindset is that I’m going to assist them in getting better. In other words, they have the problem and I have nothing to do with the problem. I have everything to do with fixing the issue.

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