Biohacker Summit – Ari Meisel: Less Doing, More Living

Ari Meisel is author, speaker, coach and the creator of Less Doing, More Living, a set of practices and principles designed to help the overwhelmed become more effective. Ari is a Crohn’s disease survivor that almost cost his career. Less Doing, More Living is the result of Ari’s journey back to health by optimizing, automating and outsourcing everything in his life. Ari currently lives with his wife and three boys in New York City and spends his days helping others master the life-changing principles of Less Doing.

Ho’oponopono – Healing Yourself Heals Others

Imagine a swimming pool filled with clear water just inviting you to jump in. Then you watch someone go up to the pool and dump in a cup of muddy water. Does it spoil the pool for you?

Yoga and Ayurvedic Treatments – A Correlation Between Mind and Body

As the world is developing in technology day by day we are moving away from nature. We have depleted nature’s every gift, polluted the environment with deforestation. Nature is reacting on us in the form of natural calamities and certain diseases. Moreover in this fast pace life, we don’t allow our body to fight with any illness and take man made drugs forgetting that the same nature has cure for all disturbances.

Benefits of Green Magma

Health is one of the primary concerns of human beings and everyone aims at keeping healthy and fit as far as possible. Green Magma is most natural, nutritious food that helps us in maintaining good health.

Can Vicks Cure Toenail Fungus? – Is It Really Worthy to Try?

Though there is no strong clinical evidence in support of Vicks to cure infected nails, it does perform wonders in curing toe nail fungus like any other alternative medicines. So, we now concentrate our attention on Vicks for toenail fungus treatment.

Say ‘Good Bye’ to Hangovers – Trust Herbal Party Pills!

Are you those denizens who shy away from parties just because of the hangovers you suffer the next day? If the answer is ‘yes’, you can be relieved soon as herbal party pills can be your saviour.

Leg Pain Home Remedies That You Ought to Know

Leg pain refers to discomfort and ache in the portion below the knee area of the body. It consists of knees, foot, tibia etc…

Benefits of Supplementing With Coenzyme Q-10

What is Coenzyme Q-10? Co Q-10 is present in every cell of the body. It is produced by the body, but like all nutrients, in order to get a therapeutic dose you must supplement.

What CANCER is Self-Selecting YOU?

In life, very often, we’re given the luxury of gazing, in a healthy way, at life’s crystal ball – to see what health problems lay there in front of us; to ‘prophesy’ over our pains and our demise as a way of fixing, or planning for, what may eventually happen, now. Okay, perhaps this is an ideal too far away from many of us yet. (That statement itself is a folly if we’ll re-read it in the knowledge of those we’ve known who’ve passed already.

Is Distance Reiki a Myth?

You probably think of Reiki as a face to face, hand-on therapy, offering assistance with everything from stress to increasing the rate of healing after surgery. It is being used more and more by hospitals around the globe and Reiki therapy is becoming recognized as an acceptable compliment to mainstream medicine. But I’ll bet you didn’t know that Reiki practitioners to send Reiki energy to the client, in another place, even around the world, and still produce great results.

Getting Acquainted With Vertigo

Many have the problem of giddiness and they can feel their head going round and this can give an imbalanced state for some time. These are the effects of vertigo. The state of vertigo is not at all a serious ailment. This will not lead to health problems on a dangerous basis.

Stop Sweaty Palms – The Most Suitable Cure For Sweaty Hands

Palmar hyperhidrosis or what the lay person knows its as excessive hand sweat is a condition that you have no control over, as your palms literally drip sweat whenever and wherever, regardless of occasion, season, or time of day. It is not triggered simply under stimulating factors like stress, anxiety or fear, but is subconscious and involuntary.

Diet to Control Obesity That You Ought to Know

Obesity is linked with many health problems like osteoarthritis, stroke, paralysis, high blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin resistance, gout, uric acid etc. Read this article to find information on how to control obesity through diet.

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