Biohacker Summit Amsterdam 2022 interview: Predator & Earth Resonance (Bianca & Natasha De Jong)

Predator offers a wide range of adaptogenic blends and drinks based on wild herbs and mushrooms while supporting endangered animals. Earth Resonance on the other hand is Europe’s largest legal microdosing company and sells Microdosing kits together with the Resonance Protocol to help you set intentions, reprogram your subconscious mind and practices for self-awareness.

Both companies are helping thousands of clients every month lifestyle transformation, depression, addiction and trauma and live life with more meaningful intention. This makes her one of the most promising female entrepreneurs in the psychedelic, food, and beverage industry driving social impact on a large scale.

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Ayurveda Remedy For Arthritis

Ayurveda can treat almost any kind of ailment that you can think of but ayurveda remedy for arthritis is rather common.   It may be attributed to the inconvenience that is common in arthritis.  The different doshas in ayurveda is usually used in explaining the different diseases that we feel.

In Defense of Herbal Medicine

Throughout the ages, humankind has relied on naturally growing plants to control the many illnesses that have afflicted them. Before the advent of modern medicine, all peoples knew these remedies. Today, the forests, and grasslands that have supplied people with curative extracts for all manner of illnesses, including chronic conditions, still exist, but many of the secrets have been forgotten. The natural environment has supported the survival of the human race, without the technological advancement or mass production of tablets, syrups, capsules, injections, blood transfusion and organ transplants, among other modern procedures.

Immune System Strengthened Naturally

Scientists have come to the conclusion that nature has a cure for every disease; it’s just a matter of finding it. Also remember that keeping the body free from diseases through natural healing can actually slow down the aging process and add years to the lifespan.

The Bladder – Urinary Incontinence

Use the six steps of healing and wise woman ways to deal with incontinence. Avoid the expensive tests needed for a diagnosis of incontinence.

Vibrational Sound Healing and the Chakras

The rational behind the use of crystal singing bowls for healing and its place in vibrational medicine. This is a discussion on the new developments in vibrational effects on the human body and state of the art tools to direct and enhance sound for healing. The role of quart crystal bowls is highlighted as a simple and pure use of sound therapeutically.

Alternative Medicine Vs Modern Medicine

We took the most serious disease in modern history, heart disease, and compared the leading solutions from modern and alternative medicine. Leading Alternative Treatment: The Transcendental Meditation Program. The Transcendental Meditation Program has been taught to over six million people world wide.

How Does Sleeping Help in Increasing Our Height?

Have you been wondering how sleeping could help in growing taller? If yes, this article is just right for you to read. Do you know that the growth hormone does it job of thickening and lengthening our bones when we are sleeping?

The Right Posture to Make You Look Taller

What is a Good Posture? A good posture is when you stand up straight, head up, shoulders thrown back and stomach pulled in.

Using Natural Holistic Treatments For Thrush, Yeast Infections and Candidiasis

Within the field of medicine, health and human well-being the term ‘holistic’ is concerned with the consideration of the complete person, physically and psychologically (body and mind), in the treatment of a disease and illness and the promotion of optimum good health. It recognizes that there is rarely just one single factor that causes a disease and that in order to resolve and cure a problem permanently then a number of lifestyle factors and habits need to be addressed and that treatments need to consider not just the final symptoms of an illness or disease but also the root cause or causes of the problem.

Amongst the Greatest Natural Remedies

On nearly every physiological level, coconut oil brings something to the table; which isn’t just the light tropical flavor as a cooking ingredient to enhance baked goods. Some of the more well known uses of it may not be the indigestible kinds.

Treat Yeast Infection – There is No Reason You Shouldn’t Take Advantage of Natural Remedies

There are many different symptoms that are associated with a yeast infection, but by far the most horrible for the majority of women is managing the unceasing vaginal odor. Simply having the infection makes any woman very self conscious, but one of the symptoms sufferers are most afraid of experiencing is the unpleasant and oftentimes strong smelling vaginal discharge and they don’t want anyone to recognize that they’re struggling with it. Unfortunately, the majority of regular “medicines” for yeast infections are absolutely plain futile.

Information on Alternative Medicine Practitioners

Alternative medicine is a general term used to describe any type of medical practice or product that does not fit under standard care. Any treatment used in place of a standard one is considered alternative medicine. Many alternative treatments have bee n in existence for centuries, and are now seeing a resurgence in popularity.

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