Biohacker Summit 2022: Reversing Aging, Extending Healthspan


Welcome to Helsinki, Finland on 3-4 June 2022 – World’s Top Conference on Biohacking, Wellness Optimization, and Extending Healthspan.


Healthspan is defined as increasing the number of healthy years in your life. Most people do not really want to live as long as possible (lifespan), but to have as many healthy years in their life (healthspan), meaning that the degeneration of the body or mind is not coming in the way of being able to perform and get things done.

Poor lifestyle is the primary risk factor for all chronic diseases. Today 27% of the population live with multiple degenerative conditions including heart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases, cancers, and neurodegenerative diseases. If you live older than 65, the number goes up to 64%.

We have to address nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle factors with biology, psychology, and technology.

Biohacking is all about optimizing human performance, health, and wellbeing with the help of the latest science, technological interventions, top experts, and data-driven self-experiments.

– With medical treatments, we may be able to double the lifespan to 80+ years.
– With proper lifestyle choices, we may be able to push that envelope even further to live as a centenarian.
– With biohacking, you can push it even further.
– If you live long enough, you may escape the aging trajectory. The person living past 200 may already have been born.

Welcome to Helsinki, Finland on 3-4 June 2022 with 1000+ other people like you interested in optimal health and wellbeing. No restrictions, easy to come, all the fun.

Our 40+ TOP KEYNOTE SPEAKERS will cover topics such as:

• Longevity and life-extension
• Psychology of self-improvement
• Gut health and immunity
• Sleep, circadian rhythms, and chronobiology
• Nervous system and brain health
• Nutrition, metabolism, fasting & ketogenic diets
• Water, cold, heat, light & electromagnetism
• Biomechanics, exercise & optimized training
• Resilience, stress management & optimal recovery
• Quantified self, wearables, genetics & lab testing

More info:

Natural Health Vs Sick Care – Customize Your Alternative Wellness Program

Bio-survey analysis allows people to customize their wellness program using natural alternatives to promote wellness. Conversely, a “sick care” system may interfere with a person’s progress toward good health. Find out what a customized program offers in the way of true wellness, allowing alternative products to support natural health.

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Acupressure Schools – A Wellspring of Success

One of the most enduring heritages of traditional Chinese medicine is acupuncture. Needles are inserted in various points in the body to relieve pain and heal the afflicted part. However, fear of needles and the issue of sterilization are enough to deter many of interested people to try it. Acupressure, an excellent variation of acupuncture is fast gaining popularity because it can also be complemented with other forms of healing arts like massages.

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Report on the Chiropractic Report of Findings

When did the report of findings degenerate into a sales session? Apparently, about the same time that chiropractors were taught to mistrust the judgment of patients. This was probably about a day or two after the emergence of generous insurance benefits back in the 1970s when patients suddenly became an obstacle to the healthy payments from insurance carriers.

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With the help of a good how to stop armpit sweating guide you can get relief from the problem of sweating excessively beneath the armpits. Per se, there is nothing wrong with sweating as it is a mechanism by which the body can control its temperature; but, when the sweating becomes too profuse you have to find ways to stop it.

Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus – 5 Useful Tips

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