Biohacker Summit 2022 – Interview Stage – Day 2

Welcome to the second day of Biohacker Summit 2022! Here we are streaming live all the interviews that will take place in the event.

Piles Illness – Understanding the Misconceptions

By understanding the misconceptions of piles, their causes, symptoms and actual cures you can save yourself a lot of pain and money. Read this article for your own information to advice a loved one to better understand haemorrhoids.

White Noise Machines – What Are the Different Types?

This article gives you a quick introduction to white noise machines. It explores the different types of white noise machines available and will open your eyes to some of the wide range of applications that a noise machine can be used for to help enhance your life from masking background noises, through to helping you sleep or relax more effectively.

What Can I Do About My Son’s Blocked Nose?

The lining of the rear bony part of the nose is generally kept moist by secretions from the various sinuses that surround the nasal cavity. Any excess secretions from the sinuses, due to an infection, such as a cold, or over-discharge of mucus as a result of an allergy or eating mucus-producing foods, can block the nose.

Alternative Medicine Could Improve Your Health

Alternative medicine is one of the best solutions adopted by lots of people nowadays. For the ones who don’t know, alternative medicine represents different styles of medicine that do not imply traditional medical treatment and normal medical procedure. The best examples that could define alternative medicine are acupuncture and electrotherapy.

How to Combat Heartburn

I have suffered from heartburn for some time but have been unable to find relief from conventional remedies. Can you help?

Can I Ease Chronic Colitis?

I suffer from chronic ulcerative colitis, and I am on pharmaceutical drugs, which cause side effects that outweigh the benefits. How can I control it?

Kidney Infections – What a Pain in the Back

Kidney Infections and how they are caused. What you may be able to do to reduce the risk for Kidney Infections.

Will My Face Fully Recover After Bell’s Palsy?

Although Bell’s palsy is similar to a stroke, the damage is focused on just one nerve and its centre in the brain. One theory is that it is viral in nature, and I have seen several people who have developed it after a ‘chill’.

3 Steps to Using a Neti Pots to Relieve Sinus Infections

Do you have chronic sinus infections, or do you seem to always be fighting a cold? I know I was like that and it was a miserable way to live. You get over with one form of sickness, and when you think it is over you get something else. I had heard about using a Neti pot and how effective it was to relieve and eliminate chronic sinus infections. I decided to give it a try, and here are the three steps needed to use one.

The First Time I Used a Neti Pot to Relieve Sinus Infections

Up until recently, I sure hadn’t. Kind of a crazy name, but I read somewhere that it could be used to help eliminate sinus infections, and to help prevent other common cold type sicknesses. I looked into to see if it was for real, and I had to try it for myself.

The White Noise Sound Machine Through the Ages

It has been almost fifty years since the first white noise sound machine was made and progress does not look to be slowing down any time soon. There are now more options available today than ever before in the past. This article takes a look at the history and development of the white noise sound machine.

How Can He Fight Against a Blood Infection?

When infection enters the bloodstream directly, due to an injury or via an injection with an infected needle, the white blood cells-the front line of the disease, fighting immune system – try their best to swallow up the bacteria. However, because the bacteria multiply so fast they are able to thrive unhindered. The danger is that septicemia will ensue where, if left untreated, the infection is carried to different parts of the body and can attack multiple organs.

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