Biohacker Summit 2020 – Interview Stage – Day 2

Welcome to the second day of Biohacker Summit 2020! Here we are streaming live all the interviews that will take place in the event!

Timestamps for Day 2 interviews:

1:00 Leigh Ewin (AUS): Breathwork – The Fundamental Tool to Take Control of Your Stress & Life
17:35 Sarah Turner (UK): Flexbeam redlight device
52:03 Jaakko Halmetoja (FIN): Immunity Boosters
1:09:59 Vaskilintu (FIN), Sound artist
1:31:40 Ilkka Koppelomäki (FIN): Creating the Life You Want
2:06:30 Hanna Markuksela (FIN): Nervous System Regulation Among the Most Resilient People
2:31:37 Thomas Olivier, CEO & Founder @ Omnos
2:52:42 Petri Varis (FIN), representative of Chaga Health in Finland
3:13:03 Dr. Sandra Porthan (FIN): Biohacking for Women
3:51:19 Dr. Jose Cordeiro (ESP): The Death of Death: Is immortality Possible?
4:31:00 Ester Reitsma (SWE): Nordic Kings Supplements
4:49:33 Veli-Jussi Jalkanen (FIN): Improving Immunity With Optimized Sitting
5:06:35 Olli Posti (FIN): Stay Young with Quality Lifestyle Design
5:25:18 Charlene Gisele (FRA): Return to an Ancestral & Primal Diet to Thrive In Modern Times

Zetaclear: Nail Fungus Treatment Option

Nail fungus can strike when you least expect it, and it can cause you pain and itching as well as embarrassment and self-consciousness over the discoloration it can leave on your fingernails and toenails. If you have it on your toenails, you may feel like you have to hide your toes away from the rest of the world, which may work for a while but can get pretty uncomfortable during the warmest of months.

Kidney Stones In Men

In this article I am going to give you expert advice in order for you to learn about the causes, symptoms and treatments of kidney stones in men. This information will help educate you about the disease.

Preventing Kidney Stones – How To Avoid Getting Kidney Stones

In this article I am going to give you expert advice in order for you to learn how to prevent yourself from getting kidney stones. You can use this information to prevent yourself from getting kidney stones.

Self-Healing Is Energy Healing

Self-healing begins with the mind, which can create energy to bring about healing. Self-healing starts with self-knowledge, which is knowing the self through self-awakening. In the empowerment of self-knowledge, energy for healing is generated. According to the laws of physics, everything gives out energy, and your body responds positively or negatively to other energies within and also around you. Self-healing is energy healing.

Kidney Stones Symptoms Men

In this article I am going to give you expert advice in order for you to know the symptoms of kidney stones in men. You can use this information to educate and learn about the symptoms of kidney stones.

Discover How To Stop Sweating So Much On Those Hot Days

It is your body’s natural way to cool down by sweating. However it is not created equal amongst all of us. If your body sweats more than your friends it can cause embarrassment and other confidence issues, for this reason you may wish to explore other options.

A Few Facts About Shamanism

The term “shamanism” comes from Turkish and was used in the cultures of people in the old Siberia. A person practicing shamanism is called a “shaman” and his main role is that of communicating with the spiritual world for different purposes. The most important purpose is that of healing: the shaman enters in contact with the spiritual world in order to heal an illness, based on the belief that physical illness comes as a result of the spiritual traumas.

A Review of Be Young Essential Oils

A review of the Be Young Essential oils, a company founded by international oil expert Dana Young PhD. This company is gaining a reputation for their purity and therapeutic benefits, but are they the source for you?

Holistic Health and Wellness

Gaining holistic health and wellness should be among the top of everyone’s priorities. This basically means that all elements are lined up with one another and that you possess complete health. The three components that dictate your state of health are the mind, body, and spirit.

What Are Biofilms?

The existence of biofilms is an important consideration in the treatment of infections and is speculated to be one of the reasons that pathogenic organisms can be so difficult to eradicate. Antimicrobial pharmaceuticals or botanicals most often fail to penetrate into the biofilm matrix; so many organisms are able to survive treatment. Biofilm matrixes can colonize in our intestinal system and many of us live with them unknowingly.

Addressing the Common Cold, Naturally

When people ask about natural remedies and cures, the most common request is for a cure to the common cold. This makes sense as the common cold is the most widely suffered ailment in the world. Everyone gets a cold from time to time and everyone knows how annoying it can be.

Food Poisoning Remedies That You Can Do At Home

Are you suffering from suspected food poisoning? Or looking for a way to treat your food poisoning at home safely? If so, these tips and home food poisoning remedies should help.

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