Biohacker Summit 2020 – Interview Stage – Day 1

Welcome to the first day of Biohacker Summit 2020! Here we are streaming live all the interviews that will take place during the event in Helsinki!

Timestamps for Day 1 interviews:

3:24 Jani Toivonen (FIN): Gong Yoga
33:28 Roni Back (FIN): Popular finnish youtuber found Biohacking
48:37 Siim Land (EST): Stronger by Stress: Adapt to Beneficial Stressors to Improve Your Health & Strengthen the Body
1:16:00 Stefan Chmelik (UK): Meditation as the Ultimate Biohack
1:44:25 Eduard de Wilde (NLD): The Lifestyle of Longevity
2:09:55 Naava Greenwalls (Co-founder Aki Soudunsaari)
2:40:10 Chris Moore (DNK): Personalising Health the Nordic Way
3:15:05 Dr. Olli Sovijärvi (FIN): Online Clinic for Preventive Health
4:10:53 TIERA eSports (in finnish)
4:37:34 Alex Azzi: Power of Community
4:51:32 Pekka Hyysalo (FIN): Fighting Back After You Loose Your Health
5:11:54 Ossi Viljakainen (FIN): Ayurveda: Ancient Biohacking Techniques for Preventive Health
5:39:47 Teemu Arina (FIN): Closing remarks for the first event day

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Tips On Healing Burns Naturally

If I were forced to come up with a list of common injuries and ailments that are absolutely awful, getting burned would be at the very top of the list. Whether it is sunburn, a chemical burn, or a burn from touching something hot, there is no pain quite like that of a burn.

Helpful Ways to Cope With Anxiety Making Use of Bach Flower Remedy

Some simple and easy solutions to manage anxiousness, today! Are you presently going through heart palpitations, sweaty palms and frightening thoughts because of anxiousness? There are numerous methods to manage anxiety and this article will discuss five non-medical solutions you can try and do to minimize panic and anxiety.

Drinking Cherry Juice For Gout

The value of eating different kinds of fruit to keep the body healthy is well-known. However, using cherry juice for gout can be a powerful alternative to reduce the inflammation and swelling associated with the condition. Cherries are rich in anthocyanins, flavonoids, and antioxidants which are natural healing substances that science, only now, is beginning to understand.

Natural Colon Cleansing – 4 Reasons Why You Really Need To Do This

Natural Colon Cleansing can be your ticket to good health. Here are four reasons why you should learn more about the process and take action today.

Qigong Exercises Not Working?

Whilst there can be any number of reasons why your qigong exercises are not giving you the results that you want, they usually boil down to 3 main reasons. But first, a quick checklist before we proceed. If you have been practicing qigong exercises, daily, correctly and for at least 3 months without seeing good results then continue to read this article.

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Wellness Programs Vs Traditional Medicine

Wellness programs focus on the body’s natural healing ability, instead of treating the symptoms by adding something from the outside, such as medication, surgery or a procedure. Wellness programs remove anything that might interfere with the body’s natural function, unlike the traditional medical approach of treating symptoms.

Chiropractors Vs Traditional Medical Doctors

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How Individuals Heal In a Group

One form of energy healing is to work with a group of individuals at once. People have asked me how working with a group can do any good for one particular individual. After all, aren’t people wounded in different ways?

Great Source About Online Diagnosis

Diagnosis, is a fancy name given to the process of identifying diseases. It is a Greek name. Break it down; “dia” means “by” and “gnosis” means “knowledge”. Diagnosis is supposed to be for doctors and physicians only. They determine your disease by the signs and symptoms that it gives you.

Homeopathy, Probiotics For Life! – Benefits of Probitics

When you chew a piece of chicken, for example, the mechanical action of chewing along with enzymes in your saliva begins to break the food down. Then, more enzymes in the stomach break down the food even further. It’s because of this natural food processing that you don’t have pieces of chicken floating around in your blood!

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