Biohacker Summit 2018 Toronto with Spark aftermovie

Aftermovie for Biohacker Summit with SPARK that took place in Toronto 14-16th of October.

Biohacking is the application of systems thinking and deep understanding of genetics, epigenetics, physiology and nutrition to take your physical & mental performance, health and wellbeing to a new level.

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Is Chiropractic Care Effective For Managing Conditions?

Many people think that chiropractors are constrained to whoever has got accidental injuries and trauma, and people who have back and neck problems. That is a thing that chiropractor Nashville wants to change. Contrary to whatever lots of people believe, chiropractic treatment should help in the entire well-being of the whole family by enhancing the nerve function, including young children and women who are pregnant.

Have an Ugly Facial Wart? Get Informed About Medical Options That Remove Warts on the Face

Warts are a real problem; but warts on your face are an extremely serious issue. Investigate the medical procedures that are available when it comes to removing your warts on your face.

Best Manufacturer of Oximeters

Oximeter is widely used today to measure oxygen saturation. Usually, a probe is place in the patient’s earlobe, toe and finger.

An Inexpensive Way on How To Stop Excessive Sweating

If you really care about how you look you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on the best quality make-up to enhance your facial features. You will spend on regular spa treatments on your hair and body. But more often than not, women forget that the best way to smell good (aside from putting their money on branded colognes and expensive deodorants) is to have dry and sweet smelling underarms!

Advanced Glygation End Products – AGE’s and Sugar

AGE’s are a serious health hazard that gets little press. They are a product of combined sugar (glucose) and proteins. This binding of protein destroys the proteins and becomes a problem to your health. Eyes, kidneys, skin… whole body is affected.

Crystals Healing Power

Discover how you can use crystals to transform the energy in an area that you live or work in. You can pattern crystals with a particular vibration. When to use what crystals… and where not to use your crystals.

The Throat Chakra – The Fifth Chakra

The throat chakra, the fifth chakra, referred to as Vishudda in Ancient Sanscrit is located in the center of the throat. Just as with the other chakras, the energy flows out of the front of the body and out of the back as well, so a vortex is formed under the chin and a smaller one at the back of the neck.

Wellness, What Is It?

We all want to be well, but what is wellness? Wellness is the pursuit of the best health possible through fit body, balanced mind and peaceful spirit. That’s an awful lot to ask, so I have broken it down to 6 ways of achieving wellness and tools to help you achieve this.

What Are The Best Natural Remedies for IBS?

Irritable bowel syndrome causes a great deal of discomfort and distress to a person and researches have proved that women are more affected by this problem. The medical reason given for this disorder is that the person affected has a sensitive colon. Their colons are supposed to be very sensitive to some foods so it often results in the person having diarrhea.

Unique Home Remedy for Gas

Gas occurs as a result of swallowed air or through the production in the intestinal tract. There are many natural home remedies that help to eliminate gas from the body.

Why Do I Have Sweaty Palms?

It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself a couple of times because you’ve had sweaty palms for as long as you can remember. Truth is, this condition doesn’t only target people from a certain age group or income bracket. It affects anyone although you may have shook hands with people who aren’t affected by it and wonder to yourself how they managed to keep their hands dry.

Marijuana Helps Cuts Tumor Growth in Brain Cancer and Help Relieve Pain and Suffering for Others

Marijuana use helps to relieve pain, cuts tumor growth in brain cancer, stops nausea, increases appetite and provides AIDS patients with pain relief. Marijuana helps in many other ways too.

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