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A Few Ways to Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Looking for more information on how to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Find out more here…

Preparing For Surgery Using Process Acupressure Imagery and Reiki

Working with clients who were preparing for surgery and other medical treatments, I found that too often their experience was one of trauma, fear and loss. The images that many of us hold around medical procedures are often images of wounding, violation and devastation. Our bodies respond to these negative images and can then become wounded, violated and devastated. If we can instead see our treatments as a healing, an opportunity to lovingly release what is no longer working toward our health, then our bodies can be cleansed, strengthened and empowered. Using imagery, Process Acupressure and Reiki to prepare for surgery and other medical treatments aides my clients in finding a way to move past fear, anxiety and negativity: inspiring them to choose what’s happening to and for them.

Treating the Smoldering Fire of Pain and Chronic Disease

In this article I will provide you with specific wellness strategies in conquering the chronic inflammation and oxidative stress that may be at the source of many of your own health issues. No one prescription will work for all individuals, each treatment program must be individualized, but there are general wellness strategies that can be beneficial in starting you on the road to better health.

CCSVI Treatment – Where to Get It

CCSVI or Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency was first coined by Dr. Paolo Zamboni. His study showed a correlation between vascular insufficieny and brain deterioration. Many have found that indeed his theory is promising but others have questioned his claims. This treatment is unavailable to many of those who seek it.

Antiviral Herbs for Quick and Safe Relief

Antiviral herbs are part of the holistic approach to maintaining health. Contrary to the way over-the-counter drugs like antibiotics work, which targets the elimination of infectious pathogens such as fungi and bacteria, antiviral herbs complement the body’s ability to heal itself even from supposedly incurable diseases.

Magnetic Therapy Ring Q and A

So you’re considering wearing a magnetic ring for pain or stress? You probably have questions, right? Here are a few answers to most often asked questions that might be helpful.

Mind Intent For Qigong Healing Part 1: Intellectual Mind Intent

In Chinese thought there are many terms to describe different kinds of mind intent. One of these types of mind intent is called Yi. (Sometimes ‘Yi’ is transliterated ‘I.’) Yi means intellectual mind intent. Imagine that you are relaxing and sipping a cup of tea. You might pick up the cup of tea, take time to examine it looking at the way the cup is held in your hand or the angle of the cup, put the cup to your lips and take a small sip, and then gently place the cup back on the table. While doing all of this, you would not experience much emotion at all. Instead, you would have a feeling of contented calmness. This is intellectual mind intent.

What Is Homeopathy – How Does It Work?

When people become interested in natural health and hear about homeopathy, the first question is invariably, what is homeopathy? Few people really understand what homeopathy is. It is yet to become a household and familiar term. This article is an attempt to give you greater understanding.

4 Ways Relationship Breakups Affect You

When you suffer an emotional assault, you are affected in several ways. You may think that your partner breaking up with you and ending your relationship is only an emotional wound. Unfortunately, such traumas affect you in ways you may not be aware of.

Discussing The Risks and Benefits Associated With Chiropractic Care

It is crucial to take necessary precautions in order to ensure that it is the best possible method of treatment for the patient’s condition. The impending success or failure in its results, depend largely on that aspect. Moreover, a thorough assessment of the risks and benefits by the chiropractor enables individuals to make the safest choice for optimum health.

Is It Safe For Pregnant Women to Undergo Chiropractic Care?

For several types of sensitivities in individuals, including infants and children, chiropractics is considered safe and effective. Pregnant women are no exceptions. As in any types of treatment, it is pertinent to know the procedures and risks associated with chiropractic care during pregnancy. You can achieve the best results by reviewing all the details.

Should Pregnant Women Undergo Chiropractic Care?

From the beginning, people have had doubts about chiropractic care and its ability to replace traditional methods of health care. Today, it is widely believed that chiropractic care during pregnancy is an excellent source of well-being for both the mother and the baby inside her womb.

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