Ben Greenfield: Powerful Healthy Lifestyle Habits Anybody Can Do Today

Listen to health & fitness expert, Ben Greenfield, explain how he stays healthy & productive with some of his powerful, but easy to do, healthy lifestyle habits that anybody can do!

If you know someone who is struggling with stress and the pace of modern life, and would like to learn some simple ways of improving their productivity this interview is for them.

I enjoyed this interview as I have a keen interest in all things health and fitness, and I love learning new ways of making myself more efficient. Ben is one of the top biohackers in the world and has achieved so much in a relatively short period of time, so it was a pleasure getting to pick his brain for some great tips.

After speaking with Ben I have a better understanding about the importance of focusing in on things we find most beneficial to us, getting rid of unnecessary distractions and delegating some tasks to others, if possible.

Special thanks to Ben for joining me on the show. Enjoy the episode!

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Whisper Relaxation Scripts

I was tasked (I say “tasked”, but I really enjoyed it!) with recording a series of relaxation scripts a few weeks ago. Guided imagery, sleep, focus – you know the genre. In the process, I became interested in the techniques that are used by therapists to get people to relax. In addition to voice over, I am a working healthcare professional and have the opportunity to speak with professional therapists on a regular basis.

Natural Health Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a Hindi term referring to a system which works in keeping a person’s mind, body and spirit in an ideal balance with nature. Natural health ayurveda consists of an effective practice known as panchakarma. It is a cleansing treatment which works in getting rid of body toxins in order to provide quick relief to an individual experiencing a continuous illness.

Inside Look at Human Growth Hormone Supplementation

Human growth hormone supplementation is becoming an increasingly popular way to enhance the results of fitness programs, for both serious athletes and the population at large. Human growth hormone releasers are most commonly available in patches, sprays, and capsules.

What Is The ‘Current’ Rage About Electroanalgesia?

Electroanalgesia, or the electroceutical process, is a non invasive procedure to produce a paraesthesia for the chronic pain patient. Historically an invasive nerve block is performed which has many risks and costs involved. The electroanalgesic effect is being attributed to high frequency stimulation however the electroanalgesia has occurred historically with lower frequencies and higher amplitudes. The article describes some of the electroanalgesic theory of cause and effect.

Ayurvedic Regimen for Winter Health

Warm clothes, short days, long nights, sweaters, jackets and freezing weather, these all are the symbols of winter. All these things make many people feel depressed and fall sick. This sort of seasonal that affects generally in winter is called as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

How to Remove Deadly Radioactivity From Your Body and Keep It Out

Radioactivity can be very bad for our health. Too much of it can even kill us! Fortunately, our immune systems have a mechanism for removing radioactivity from our bodies. Unfortunately, radioactivity itself can disable that mechanism and render it ineffective. The information offered here will teach you how to keep your immune system functioning optimally to keep dangerous radioactivity out of it and keep it from adversely affecting your health.

Cleansing Your Body Internally for Optimum Health

For many of us, our immune systems (and, therefore, our general health and well-being) have been compromised by all of the toxins and pollutants that our bodies have absorbed over the years-some of which have accumulated in our tissues and organs. This compromising of our immune systems has allowed various foreign parasites and pathogens to take up residence in our bodies. These foreign toxins and foreign invaders, either individually or in combination with others, have led to or contributed greatly to many of our chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, HIV, AIDS, asthma, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, etc. In order to regain our health, we must cleanse our bodies of as many of these foreign toxins and foreign invaders as we can.

Take Care of Yourself on New Year’s Day!

Here are a few tips on how to be healthy over the New Year’s holiday! Ways to get home safely, and simple things you can do to avoid damaging your stomach and liver are discussed.

Microcurrent Therapy – A Novel Treatment to Reduce Pain and to Look Younger

The human body works similar to a machine. It is made of several components and any disruption in the functioning of these components can affect the overall functions of the body. Although a cell is the smallest unit of life but, it regulates all bodily functions.

C. Diff Colitis – Treatment and Info on A Silent Threat

C. diff colitis, also known as Clostridium difficile colitis, is a really nasty, debilitating infection that has gone relatively unnoticed over the last 20 years. And while most pandemic attention has been focused on bird flu or other foreign invaders from overseas, a sharply rising C. diff infection rate has been silently on the rise. Symptoms can span a range from mild diarrhea to painful and life-threatening…

Natural Nail Fungus Remedies

Having nail fungus can be embarrassing. Although it may seem like a mild infection during its early stages, it can still cause minor discomfort, with visible symptoms being the discoloration of toe nails. If you have fungal infection in your nails, it is advisable to have it checked by a doctor and treated immediately.

Stronger Feet, Stronger Body

The human foot and ankle is a strong and complex mechanical structure containing 26 bones (some people have more), 33 joints (20 of which are actively articulated), and more than a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The foot sounds pretty strong, doesn’t it? Sometimes as I walk down the street and I see people, their feet and their shoes, I think, “Are our feet getting stronger from wearing shoes?

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