Author’s of Biohackers Handbook: Biohack Nutrition

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Biohacker’s Handbook is the most anticipated health & wellness book of the decade. The authors – Olli Sovijärvi, M.D., technology expert Teemu Arina and nutrition expert Jaakko Halmetoja – upgrade the fundamentals of a balanced life. Learn more about biohacking your nutrition with the authors of the Biohacker’s Handbook from this talk!

This presentation was filmed during Biohacker Summit London in May 2016. Check for upcoming events & tickets!

Urinary Tract Infection Remedies – Secret Steps to Follow

Urinary tract infections are among the most common infections people suffer from worldwide. Urinary tract infection remedies which are natural and effective are becoming more common as an increasing number of people become aware that this is an option.

Multiple Turmeric Health Benefits

If you are thinking about what makes mustard yellow in color, then you are reading the right article. It is turmeric, a root spice that has a bitter and tangy taste. It is derived from Curcuma longa’s roots. Turmeric, also is one of the main ingredients that provides curry its distinctive taste, is used by the Chinese, and Indian medicine for centuries due to Turmeric’s significant health benefits.

Herbs That Really Work

Are there any herbs that really work? What is involved to prove this issue?

Miraculous Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

There are a myriad of health benefits of olive oil due to its rich content of vitamin A, D, K and E. It is also effective in lowering down the cholesterol level, stimulating appetite, helping in digestion and taking care of the bone health too.

Lack of Magnesium – The Result

Hypomagnesemia is an electrolyte disturbance that is caused by extremely low levels of magnesium in the blood system. These low levels of magnesium can result in numerous systems and diseases.

How to Get Prayers for Healing and Strength

As they say, “No man is an island. No man should stand alone.” You don’t have to keep everything all by yourself.

How to Heal Depression Now

Depression, which comes in a variety of forms, affects millions of people all over the world. The disorder also doesn’t choose age, gender, ethnicity, or social status. Worse, thousands die because of it.

How to Make the Different Healing Bible Verses Useful

Do you feel down or sad lately? Do you want to be inspired by the love of God? Then there is one thing you should do: grab a Bible and read the different verses.

The Top Benefits of Using Healing Cards

Everybody needs a dose of inspiration and wisdom every day. The question is, where do you get it? Here’s a possible solution: healing cards.

How to Choose the Most Ideal Diet Plans With Subliminal Messages

Imagine this: you step on the weighing scale and receive the shock of your life. You are ten pounds heavier than expected. So what should you do?

Vitamins for My Body – Vitamins for My Memory?

As small children, we began taking vitamins for our bodies to help us grow up strong and healthy. Now that I am grown, can I get vitamins to keep my brain strong and healthy? The answer is yes!

Drink Up Carrot’s Health Benefits

Carrots are root vegetables usually orange in color but there are other varieties in purple, red and white. This vegetable is not just a Bugs Bunny favorite but carrots can also provide numerous health benefits. The carrot, known for its Beta-carotene content, can also be a juice where the said nutrient can be maximized.

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