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For Centuries People Have Used Silver For Protection Against Sickness and Disease

Silver Sol is not just a product, it’s a technology. In fact, the technology that is used to develop Silver Sol is so powerful and effective that it is the only double patented nano-particle silver product in the world.

Essential Oils Lift Your Energy – The Power of Citrus Blends

The simple act of using citrus based essential oils can help increase energy and improve mental focus. Essential oils from citrus fruits such as grapefruit, orange, and tangerines have properties that naturally elevate mood and energy. The energetic frequency or “notes” as it is sometimes called in aromatherapy, of citrus blends invigorates energy to…

Reflexology Qi Gong Style

Reflexology is the art of balancing the internal organs through acupressure points on the feet. In theory, various zones of the feet correlate energetically with the internal organs. For example, the area of the big toe descending down towards the heel of the foot on the inner aspect of the foot corresponds with the spine.

Severe Cough and How to Treat it Using Homeopathy

A severe cough is no fun for anyone – the patient or the observers. They can be hard to treat. They can linger or recur. The best and most effective way to treat them is with the use of homeopathy.

Homeopathic Cough Treatment For a Violent Cough

The best cough treatment should always be to support your body in what it is trying to do. To improve your immune system, so you can cure you. To improve your overall level of health, so you get fewer problems.

Cough Suppressants – Why You Shouldn’t Use Them and What is Healthier to Use

Cough suppressants can often remove your cough, but at what price? It’s not gone because your level of health has improved. It’s gone because your level of health has dropped.

Crystal Therapy Made Simple – Chakra Stones

Here is a list of the 7 major chakras and their associated colors: 1st chakra – The ROOT Primary color is red, other colors associated with the Root Chakra are black brown, and gray. Gemstones like Garnet or Onyx, Red Jasper 2nd chakra – The Naval Primary color is orange, others are all various shades of orange. Gemstones like Carnelian orange Zincite 3rd chakra – The Solar Plexus Primary color is yellow, others are various shades of yellow.

A Great Cough Remedy For Violent Coughs

A good and efficient cough remedy should match your symptoms. So in looking for the best one, you need to have a list of your unique cough symptoms, major and minor.

The Most Effective Coughing Remedies Are Homeopathic

Coughing remedies can be split into two groups – those that suppress your cough (and so your immune system) and those that cure more than just the coughing. The first MAY be fast, the second WILL be slow. Which do you prefer? It’s your call.

A Chronic Cough Needs Professional Homeopathic Help

A chronic cough may be a sign of a deeply disturbed immune system. It may indicate a blockage. And to undo that blockage, it’s helpful if you know what the trigger was. Helpful, that is, to a homeopath. Because that will indicate what the treatment should be.

What Causes Cold Sores and How Do I Stop Them?

What causes cold sores for you? In this excellent article, you will discover what really causes your cold sores, and what you can do to stop them before they hurt your social life.

Do Herbal Remedies Actually Work?

There has been a popular question going around as to whether or not herbal remedies actually work. What most people don’t know is that herbs are the main ingredients in the many of the pills they take for ailments (for example, almost all painkillers derive from the opium plant). Since the cost of prescription medication only gets higher from the already ridiculous price they already require, people have been turning to alternative medicine sources.

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