Alexander Bard & Aron Flam: Being Transhuman In a Post-Human Age

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Alexander Bard is a Swedish cyberphilosopher, songwriter, record producer, TV personality and religious and political activist. He is co-author of The Futurica Trilogy and Syntheism: Creating God in the Internet Age. Alexander Bard has given lectures on the philosophical, sociological and economic implications of the internet revolution since the late 1990s. Throughout his career, he has been a fundamental force in creating the Swedish music export sensation – making Sweden the world’s biggest per capita music exporter – and promoting a deeper understanding of the full dramatic effects of the information technology revolution. He specializes in helping people around the world optimize their lifestyle, mindset, productivity, and brain performance.

On the stage with Alexander is Aron Flam, who is a Swedish comedian. He runs the Dekonstruktiv Kritik (Deconstructive criticism) podcast. The conversation was filmed during Biohacker Summit Stockholm in May 2017.

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