ADVANCED Neurohacking – Peptides and Technology (Dr. Daniel Stickler)

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We are in a new age of advanced neurohacking where we are no longer constrained by the limitations of natural potential. The advent of neuropeptides has greatly enhanced human performance. We now have modalities of peptides, nootropics, and technology that provide a new course in cognitive evolution where we now can take the reigns of evolution into our own hands and realize super-human capabilities. We will be discussing our clinical experience in using combined therapies to create exponential results in cognitive healing, repair, and enhanced function.

Dr. Daniel L. Stickler is the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of The Apeiron ZOH Corp. He is the pioneer behind systems-based precision lifestyle medicine, a new paradigm that re-defines medicine from the old symptoms-based disease model to one of limitless peak performance in all aspects of life. A physician to high-performing executives and entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their current state, he’s an author, speaker, blogger and podcaster. He is the Medical Director for the Neurohacker Collective, a Google consultant for wearable technology, epigenetics, and AI in healthcare and a guest lecturer at Stanford University on Epigenetics in Clinical Practice.

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