8 Foods you should NEVER EAT if you want to Lose Weight (Women Over 40)

If you are a woman over 40 trying to lose weight,
If you are a woman in your 40s, 50s, and 60s trying to figure all that weight loss game out, then stay tuned.
Today, I will share 8 foods you should NEVER EAT if you want to Lose Weight.

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* I’m not a nutritionist nor am I a doctor all information given has been gathered by personal experience and information that I researched and compiled over the years. Always consult a physician before starting a new diet, eating regiment, or workout plan.
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How Can I Stop My Flat Feet Causing Me So Much Pain?

Flat feet are due to dropped arches. Arches make standing possible because they help to distribute weight across the base of the foot. We walk by using a ‘heel-toe’ movement. Arches enable the heel and toe to make contact with the ground alternately.

Flaking Nails

Flaking nails, however, suggest that there is chronic malabsorption of calcium or a calcium deficiency in the blood. Calcium acts as the cement for the elastic fibres that fortify and roughen the nails so a deficiency will leave them loose and the nails will flake.

I’m Worried That My Endometriosis Will Stop Me From Conceiving

In recent years endometriosis has become major problem for women in the West and urban societies worldwide. My belief is that stress plays a major role in its genesis, though this is difficult to prove.

Mangosteen For Sinus Problems

Sinus sufferers rejoice! It has taken hundreds of years for this “Queen of Fruits” to become known and embraced throughout the Unites States and Europe… and its popularity is spreading like wildfire. Why? Because it works! In fact, there is mounting evidence that mangosteen for sinus problems is a highly effective natural short-term remedy for one-time acute sinus infections as well as for long-term chronic sinusitis.

How to Stop Sweating Completely – Simple & Effective Tips to Stop Yourself From Sweating Excessively

For people who sweat around a lot, staying dry is a challenge. They are genetically engineered to sweat at the slightest heat or emotional reaction. If you are one of those people, you pretty much know how difficult it is to live a life where sweat seems to drip out of every pore.

Toenail Fungus Treatment

Toenail Fungus is a really unpleasant and in some ways dangerous infection disease. There is no doubt that this disease should be treated immediately!

Painful Corn

Corns are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), which is the same virus that can cause verrucas or warts in the genital area, face, eyelids and armpits. On the feet HPV triggers the growth of skin cells, which start as a central stalk and grow like a cauliflower through the epidermis (the virus is, in fact, a benign tumour).

Naturopathy – What it is and How You Can Benefit

Naturopathy is a system of treating medical ailments using an eclectic combination of therapies derived from traditional and naturalistic medical practices. The central point from which this type of medical practice emanates is the natural ability of the human body to heal itself.

The Basis of Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is based on the belief that man’s body, like everything else in nature is created and maintained by the pulsation of energy between positive and negative principles, the union of opposites. It finds some vindication in the sexual nature of procreation; the unions of positive and negative, aggressive and passive, male and female results in new life.

There Are All Natural Alternatives to the Drug Used to Provide Pain Relief For Acid Reflux & GERD

They all work in exactly the same fashion, which is not natural or normal. They shut down your stomachs ability to generate stomach acid for a few hours, or some today even stopped it from producing acid for twenty fours hours at a time.

Natural Treatment of Constipation – Addressing the Cause

The natural treatment of constipation needs to look at why you have the problem in the first case. In many cases the cause is simply a lack of an essential ingredient in the diet, but it can come from other causes too.

Homeopathic Treatment For Insomnia – Using Your Waking Time As the Guide

The homeopathic treatment for insomnia is based on your unique and personal symptoms, as well as the cause which is behind the insomnia. There is always a reason for everything, including ill health. Once that is known, selecting the homeopathic medicine can be easy.

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