5 Foods That Have Almost “0” Calories🍿🍣 (Weight Loss Foods Part 3) #shorts #weightloss #fatloss

If you are looking to lose some weight here’re 5 Foods That Have Almost “0” Calories🍿🍣 (Weight Loss Foods Part 3) #shorts #weightloss #fatloss

The first stop is Beets

One of the most well-known benefits of beets is their potential to lower our blood pressure. Beets contain only 59 calories in 136 grams and 13% of your daily potassium.

Next is Garlic

Garlic has been used for centuries as a medicinal remedy.

Research suggests that it may have the power to reduce blood pressure and fight cancer. One single clove of garlic has only 5 calories.

So get adding it to your dishes for a little extra flavor.

Next is Clementines

They’re well known for their high levels of vitamin C. 74 grams of clementine contains 60% of your daily recommended vitamin C and only 35 calories.

These are great for sticking in your bag for a healthy snack when hunger hits.

The next stop is Cauliflower

Try some in your next stir fry instead of rice as a low-calorie healthy option. 100 grams of cauliflower has 25 calories and only five grams of carbs.

Next food contains insoluble fibers that your body can not digest.

This in turn adds to it containing even fewer calories than expected. There are only 18 calories in one cup (110 grams) of chopped celery.

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