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3 Surefire Reasons Why You Are Sick and Tired

If you are feeling tired and weak on a frequent basis then it is probably not caused by stress or other daily issues. You might want to consider that it is because of what you are eating. Our world is full of unhealthy foods that we are always tempted to indulge in. While these foods might not affect you at first, after a certain amount of time these bad substances will start to shorten your life span. Keep reading for the 3 surefire reasons as to why you are sick and tired.

Manuka Honey – A Potent Natural Medicine

In the past few years, the Manuka honey has become widely popular all over the world largely due to its outstanding remedial properties. Found primarily in New Zealand, this honey has been found to be extremely beneficial in treating several types of ailments and conditions.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki’s main focus is to renew your body, so that it can heal itself. The way is does this is by the practitioner laying his or her hands over your body, channeling their energy to you.

Natural Cures For GERD – Why You Do Not Need Antacids

Do you know some common natural cures for GERD? Learn 5 reasons you should stop taking antacids.

Cranberry Juice and a UTI

Cranberry Juice and a UTI – does it help? Yes. First of all a UTI is – The initials UTI are for Urinary Tract Infection. The term refers to an Infection some where from the kidneys, the bladder all the way to the urethra in the urinary tract of a human. Women seem to be much more susceptible than men, however men can have UTI’s as well.

A State of Collapse and the Best Immediate Action to Take

Some people have a tendency to faint and/or collapse. This can happen in a stuffy room, from over eating or almost without reason.

Burping and How to Resolve it in One Easy Step

Burping is a normal bodily function as long as it is minor. Major burping can indicate that all is not well. Apart from the social repercussions, it’s a good idea to treat the cause, before it leads to further problems.

How to Master Reiki

Developed in 1922 by Dr. Mikao Usui, but drawing heavily on ancient healing methods, Reiki is a spiritual healing practice, based on the concept of moving a healing energy after a practitioner is attuned, and have developed the skills and knowledge to understand and optimize the healing energies. This healing energy is intertwined with the concept of Chakra energy, certainly in modern-day Reiki practice.

Discover 5 Ways You Can Beat Acid Indigestion Safely With Chia

Discover a natural remedy for acid indigestion with this article. This safe, inexpensive tiny seed works in 5 unique ways to help stop the burn. Learn how they can help you feel better now, and improve your nutrition in the long run as well.

Setting the Mood With Fragrance

Regardless of the kind of mood you want to set, there is a fragrance that can do it. An aroma can bring back memories, create new ones, and set the tone for any time of day.

Reiki Healing – A Gentle Way and Yet Very Powerful Healing Methods

Reiki healing is one of the most gentle way but very powerful and effective. It does not interfere any known medical system whatsoever, but as I said, the healing power of reiki is tremendous.

Emu Oil – Must Have For Every Home

Sported Illustrated issue of November 2009 reported: “Shortly before the 2003 London Marathon, Paula Radcliffe collided with a bicyclist and suffered a dislocated jaw, whiplash and cuts and bruises. To hasten the healing, she used an old aboriginal treatment: a balm extracted form the fat of an Emu, a speedy, three- toed Australian bird. A month later Radcliffe defended her title in world-record time”.

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