3 Foods That Have Almost “0” Calories🍲(Weight Loss Foods Part 5) #shorts #weightloss #fatloss

IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT HERE’RE 3 Foods That Have Almost “0” Calories🍲(Weight Loss Foods Part 5)

The first stop is mushrooms.

All mushrooms contain some form of immune-boosting antioxidants, in conjunction with metal, B vitamins, and fiber.

Mushrooms have only 15 Calories Per Cup.

The next stop is Green Beans🫘.

Beans may aid weight loss due to their high protein and fiber content, which can keep you feeling full for longer.

One cup of raw green beans is 31 calories.

As long as you don’t add butter to our next food you are good to go. 1 cup of cooked popcorn🍿 has only 31 calories.

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