3 Big Differences Between Fitness and Health (Which One Is For You)

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Salt Lamps For Your Health

Do you suffer from asthma? Are you working in front of computer all day? Do you work under fluorescent lighting? Electronics emit positive ions and they can damage your health. Salt lamps put negative ions into your home and help improve your health.

Bowel Continence – Can Constipation Cause Incontinence?

We don’t think about bowel continence very much until we become constipated. But did you know that backed up bowels can cause more damage than the simple discomfort of constipation?

Natural Solutions For Nausea

Nausea is a sense of discomfort in the stomach that can lead to dizziness and vomiting. It can have a variety of causes including pain, motion sickness, stress, pregnancy, migraine, a toxic system, flu, vertigo, over-eating, motion sickness, food poisoning, excessive alcohol consumption, heat exhaustion or exposure to unwholesome air. It can also be a side effect of allopathic chemotherapy and drugs.

The History of Scalar Energy on One Page

If you’ve ever been to a health and wellness expo, chances are you may have heard something about scalar energy (SE). It’s becoming popular among the alternative health community, but has actually been around for quite some time. SE was originally discovered by James Clerk Maxwell in the mid 1850’s.

Natural Remedies For Head Lice

Head Lice is a common condition and something that is normally treated with very pungent chemicals. In this article we will not only consider what head lice are but also preventative methods and natural treatments that could help you get rid of them.

Why You Should Know How to Heal Bites and Other Puncture Wounds

When you know how to treat bites and other puncture wounds yourself, you can save yourself and your family members a lot of wasted time, inconvenience and money. And be a lot healthier in the process.

The Use of Maternity Acupressure With Aromatherapy

Maternity acupressure is one commonly used method to induce labor and is probably the third most used method in the entire world. It is positively effective in preparing the mother and child for labor.

Discover the Secret to Quickly Healing Bites

Healing bites is easy and hassle-free when you have some critical information securely stored in your mind. It doesn’t have to be the irritating or frightening problem most people seem to think it is.

Natural Health – Herbal Medicine and Natural Healing

What we do not understand we tend to reject. Herbal medicines, acupressure, acupuncture, natural medication, and healing are some of those. And we dance along because if things cannot be explained by scientific methods, it cannot be true.

A Natural Nausea Remedy Can Be More Gentle

Nausea needs to be approached carefully. There are some situations in which the treatment can actually cause the nausea to escalate and become more painful. That is why using natural ingredients in your nausea remedy can give your body a more subtle healing effect and it won’t reject the remedy quickly or painfully. There are several herbs and natural oils that soothe the digestive system in a more organic way.

3 Steps to Becoming a Better Craniosacral Therapist

We all want to be great therapists. We go to classes, learn the work and then come back and try to put it into practice.

Natural Remedies For Treating UTI

Urinary tract infection is a painful disorder and it demands immediate medical intervention. The natural remedies of urinary tract infection are not purely an alternative medical treatment; these are like first-aid remedies and have to be supported with antibiotics and other medication, in order to facilitate quick recovery. The natural remedies are safe and are prepared with easily available ingredients.

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