15% Better Workouts, Ketones For Boosting IQ, And Continuous Ketone Monitoring with Michael Brandt

https://libertylinks.io/biohackingsecrets – Michael Brandt is CEO and co-founder of H.V.M.N., inventors of the world’s first drinkable ketone, Ketone-IQ™. With $6M in funding from the U.S. Special Operations Command, the company is redefining the limits of human performance to combat the global metabolic health crisis. Get Ketone-IQ at HVMN.com and enter discount code “biohacks” to save 10% on your order.

Tea Tree Toenail Fungus Remedy – Easy and Simple Treatments Are Still the Best

Essential oils such as tea tree oil are used in variety of ailments, one of which is as toenail fungus remedy. Tea tree oil is proven clinically to combat most fungal and bacterial strains, specially those that are hard to eliminate such as MRSA. Read this article and find the different ways of using the oil in beating the fungus

Zetaclear – Nail Fungus Relief

Nail fungus is an embarrassing problem. Nobody likes for their nails to look brittle, discolored and flakey. The question arises; what is the best option to cure nail fungus? The easy answer is Zetaclear.

Water Kefir Benefits – What Are the Remedy Benefits of Kefir Homemade Drinks?

Do you want to make your own kefir and cure Candida, thrush, intestinal worms, intestinal detox, blood pressure, cholesterol removal, back pain, neck pain and many more diseases. Find out what are the health benefits of water kefir diet and recipes here.

Weird Names For Familiar Herbs

Traditional Chinese Medicine can be traced back for thousands of years. Written records go back two thousand years, but the tradition may go back 5000 years.

Mint Family Surprises

Mint is one of my favorite herbs because it is so useful. However, the mint family is more diversified than most people think. Welcome to the mint family.

Being Mad As a Hatter is No Joke When it Comes to Mercury Poisoning

Did you know that you can actually be “mad as a hatter”? It’s not just a catchy phrase. It was used to describe people in Britain who suffered from mercury poisoning as a result of wearing felt hats made with quicksilver. Even today you can be mad as a hatter if you have been exposed to mercury. This article covers the symptoms of mercury poisoning, as well as nutritional methods to detoxifying your body.

Gut Check – How Many Hours Without a Bowel Movement Equals Constipation?

Get this: 60% of the U.S. population suffers from chronic constipation but doesn’t know it. Can you answer this question: How many hours between bowel movement means you have chronic constipation? If you can’t answer that question, read this article. Learn about chronic constipation, the symptoms of constipation (including that “beer belly”) and 3 natural solutions to relieve constipation.

Is Water a Remedy Or a Poison? How to Create and Use Structured Water

Did you know that there are 130 kinds of water in nature? And that our cells can only use a specific structured kind of water? It’s true. Our cells can process most kinds of water to make it usable, but this robs the body of resources it could be using for healing, regeneration, and rejuvenation. Read this article to discover a simple way to create your own structured water that your cells can use immediately.

Feeling Sick? It Really is All in Your Head

Have you heard it said that all physical illness starts as a mental or emotional issue? In other words, is your sickness all in your head? Pretty much. This article explains why, and also gives a case study example of how a man with pneumonia could not recover until he released some mistaken beliefs.

Nail Fungus – What is It?

Nail fungus is ugly, embarrassing, difficult to treat and can be painful. So what is it and how can it be treated?

Pros and Cons of Eucalyptus

You may be aware of some benefits from this plant but others may surprise you. You may also be surprised by the warnings that come with this valuable plant.

Another Side of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is well known to give relaxation to the body and pleasure to everyone. But aromatherapy may have also some medical faculties to cure insomnia by example. The main thing to know about essential oils in aromatherapy is to be very careful to not use it on the skin, but to mix them with other products.

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